Athletic Training: As nationally mandated by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE), the professional athletic training program at Miami University will transition from the Bachelor’s level to the Master’s level. It is proposed that beginning with the academic year 2019-2020, students wishing to pursue athletic training should enroll in the Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology program with the intention of applying to the Master of Athletic Training program during junior year. More specific detail on the Master of Athletic Training program is forthcoming.

Kinesiology: The Kinesiology major is designed to give breadth and depth of knowledge in the physiological and psychological functioning of human beings under a variety of environmental and activity conditions.

Nutrition: Students majoring in Nutrition study people’s nutritional needs and care.  All students in the major complete the Nutrition Foundation and choose their career path by selecting a concentration, either the Community Nutrition for the non-Registered Dietitian (RD) student or the Dietetics Concentration for those students planning on becoming an RD.  Upon completion of the BS in KNH, Dietetics Concentration, students are eligible to sit for the Dietetic Technician Registration Examination and with successful completion earn the credential “nutrition and dietetics technician, registered” (NDTR). To become an RD, Dietetic graduates must complete a clinical experience and pass a professional examination.

Public Health: The public health curriculum is cross-disciplinary in nature. Students completing this major will be able to facilitate individual health behavior maintenance and/or change, as well as plan, implement, and evaluate programs for diverse groups of people.

Sport Leadership & Management (SLAM) prepares students to succeed in leadership positions in the sport industry (recreational to professional, youth to adult) by providing them with knowledge and skills to critically analyze and innovatively engage in the business and culture of sport.  Students select at least one concentration area within SLAM.  Students may choose a concentration in Sport Management, Coaching, Sport Journalism, or Sport Media and Communication. Students interested in the Sport Journalism concentration complete two degrees with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism (major in Journalism) and a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Health. Students in the Sport Media and Communication concentration complete two degrees with a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Culture (major in Media and Culture) and a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Health.

*Information is subject to change.