Artifacts from Liberia and Sierra Leone

Black World Studies

Africa Center for Strategic Studies
Job and internship board for the center, which is U.S. Department of Defense institution that conducts research and holds seminars, events and activities in Africa and elsewhere.
African American Professional Associations
A directory of links to leading African American professional associations, nearly all with career sites of their own, sponsored by Monster.
African American Studies
A job board for graduates of African American and Black World Studies sponsored by SimplyHired. The jobs include academic and non-academic opportunities.
African Companies and Suppliers
A searchable directory of links to companies and suppliers in Africa, including Web site and contact information for networking and internship and job search purposes, sponsored by MBendi, a publishing, research and consulting firm.
African Development Bank
Career center for the African Development Bank, which focuses on poverty reduction through sustainable economic development and social progress.
African Union
An internship and job board sponsored by the African Union, whose mission is to eliminate the remaining vestiges of colonization and apartheid; to promote unity and solidarity among African states; to coordinate and intensify cooperation for development; to safeguard the sovereignty and territorial integrity of member states; and to promote international cooperation within the framework of the United Nations. The board can be found under the “Opportunities” button on the left hand side of the page.
Association of African American Museums
A job board sponsored by the association, which supports African and African American focus museums nationally and internationally, as well as the professionals who protect, preserve and interpret African and African American art, history and culture.
An extensive multicultural job board, categorized by industry sector, sponsored by the Blackworld media organization.
Child Development
Job and internship opportunities with the National Black Child Development Institute.
Civil Rights Careers
A job board sponsored by the Leadership Conference, the nation’s premier civil and human rights coalition.
Community Organizing
Job board for community organizing opportunities sponsored by SimplyHired.
Community Organizing Groups and Networks
A detailed global directory of links to community organizing group and networks, including extensive links to U.S. organizations, many with career sites of their own. The resource is sponsored by the On-Line Conference on Community Organizing.
Development Jobs
A leading job board for development-related opportunities around the world, sponsored by
Diversity Best Practices
A list of the leading African American organizations, many with their career sites, sponsored by Diversity Best Practices, a thought leadership organization in the field of diversity.
Economic Community of West African States
A job board sponsored by the community, a 15-member regional group with a mandate of promoting economic integration in all fields of activity within member countries.
A leading job board for not-for-profit opportunities in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.
Another leading African job board that includes multiple search categories by job sector.
Multicultural Marketing Jobs
Job board sponsored by Indeed.
Career center for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, with both headquarters and field opportunities.
South Africa Jobs
Job board sponsored by Indeed Worldwide.
Urban Financial Services Coalition
Job board sponsored by the Urban Financial Services Coalition, an organization that promotes improvement in the financial condition of ethnically and culturally diverse communities.
Urban League
Job board sponsored by the Urban League Network.