Employer Information

Date: Thurs., February 21, 2019
Time: 1–5:30 pm
Location: Millett Hall


Registration is no longer available.

Additional Information

  • A map of employer locations is currently available.
  • Event time for Spring ICE: 1 pm–5:30 pm.
  • The Center for Career Exploration & Success will publicize your organization’s participation and supply you with a table, sign, and light refreshments.
  • Extra tables are available, in limited number, for $200 each. Organizations with more than four representatives must purchase an extra table for convenience and space.
  • Electricity will be available to a limited number of tables for $100. Table location to be determined by access to electrical outlets.
  • We suggest you coordinate your efforts among the various divisions within your organization that may have also been sent an invitation. It is preferable for an organization to have an extra table rather than registering separately by division. Regretfully, additional tables cannot be added the day of the fair.
  • Questions/Troubleshooting: contact our Career Fair Coordinator.


Center for Career Exploration & Success
Attention: Spring ICE
0045 Armstrong Student Center
550 E. Spring Street
Oxford, OH 45056

Packages must arrive at Miami University by February 19.

Return Shipping
For return shipping (carrier of your choice) the day after the expo, you must have a completed appropriate mailing label to attach to the shipment. Pick-up of items will be on Friday, February 22. Due to the large volume of items, actual shipment by carriers may be delayed a day or two.


Payment can be made by credit card at the time of registration. If credit card information is entered with your registration, a receipt will be attached to the confirmation.

NOTE: Credit card information can also be entered online at a later date by logging into Handshake. If paying by check, be sure to include a copy of your invoice when remitting your payment.

  • Registration - $500
    • Registration for Non-profits and Government Organizations - $200 
  • Extra Tables - $200 each
  • Application/digital advertising (through Mobile App) - $100
  • Electricity (on request) - $100
  • Additional Lunches - $20/person


To better help student research and discover the location of employer tables at Spring ICE, the Center for Career Exploration & Success is using a third-party app called the FairsApp. Advertising with the Fairsapp operates with two distinct, circulating banner advertisements:

  • one communicated via a web interface (accessible by laptops and desktop computers); dimensions are 728px X 90px in .PNG or .JPG format
  • one communicated by a mobile app interface (for Android and Apple smartphones); dimensions are 320px X 50px in .PNG or .JPG format

We urge logo and photo design only as content may be difficult to read on smartphones. Cost of advertising is $100. Please submit all artwork to Craig Patrick at Craig.Patrick@MiamiOH.edu.

Spring ICE Lunch

  • A lunch will be available from 11–1 pm.
  • 4 lunches are included in registration.
  • Optional extra lunches are available for $20/lunch.

Services for Employers

Other services available to employers visiting Miami University are available on the Center for Career Exploration & Success’ employer webpage.

Interview Day at Millett Hall

  • If you wish to participate in the ‘Interview Day at Millett’ on Fri., Feb. 22 (the day after Spring ICE), simply send an e-mail to Crissy Jessie at MiamiRecruiting@MiamiOH.edu.
  • If you wish to schedule interviews in the Career Center in Armstrong Student Center, submit on-campus recruiting (OCR) requests via Handshake.
  • For recruiting questions, please contact Crissy Jessie, Recruiting Coordinator, at (513) 529-3840 or e-mail MiamiRecruiting@MiamiOH.edu.


Directions and maps are located in the Center for Career Exploration & Success employer site.

Accommodations & Dining

Accommodations and dining locations are located in the Center for Career Exploration & Success employer site.