Miami, My Place (MMP)

The Miami My Place (MMP) program is for Miami Firsts (students who are among the first in their immediate family to earn a bachelor’s degree) and for RedHawk Grant recipients. It helps students transition to and make the most of their college experience leading to a successful post-college life.

This hands-on, specialized program begins before the official move-in day and continues with support throughout the students’ time at Miami. Participants will join a network of students, faculty and staff to learn more about college, how it differs from high school, and what it takes to have a fulfilling journey to graduation. Miami’s personal approach, paired with big opportunities, helps connect students with their biggest dreams.

The Miami My Place program is guided by a personalized approach that helps students identify their dreams and celebrate their journey. Students are assigned to a Student Success Center staff member who serves as their coach to help them maximize their college experience, seek out meaningful enrichment opportunities and earn Enrichment Points. After the third semester, students can use points to apply for an MMP Enrichment Funds Award that can be used toward a special opportunity such as an internship or study abroad experience.

Additional Benefits:

• Pre-Semester Program: August 21-23, 2018
• Individualized meetings with your coach
• Reception at the home of President and Dr. Crawford
• Career Summit
• Annual “End-of-the-Year” Celebration

Love. Honor. Community. Pre-Semseter Programs Application

Student Success Center Team

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