About the Calendar

CollegeNET's 25Live provides one centralized calendar, scheduling system, and data repository for events at Miami. This web-based application allows users to:

  • Schedule/request spaces (e.g., rooms, audio-visual equipment therein)
  • Publish events (lectures, symposia, films, etc.) to one or more calendars
  • Users can view event information and request the use of space from any computer with Internet capability. (Note: This only includes Banner - assigned spaces and spaces previously scheduled through Ad Astra. It does not include EMS - scheduled spaces such as Shriver or Marcum.)

Need Help?

If you need help using the calendar, instructions are available online or you can read the FAQs.

Why Use 25Live to Publish Events?

It is strongly recommended that each department, program, and center within the college submit all of its public events to this calendar because:

  • The calendar is fairly easy to use and master.
  • It is less expensive than producing posters (although the two are not mutually exclusive).

It guarantees a larger web presence than merely posting a single page on the home department's website.

For example, when I post links to the calendar entry for an event that has broad enough appeal to be relevant to the audiences of numerous websites or calendars, this can generate dozens of links to that particular event. There is also the opportunity for it to be a feature event on the Miami home page.

Added web presence generates more publicity (among potential attendees) than would hardcopy posters or listserv emails by themselves. That increases the likelihood of a good (as opposed to an embarrassingly low) turnout for speakers we bring in from outside.

It is the much larger remote audience (of unlikely attendees!) that might be more important, though, for improving Miami's image, as well as for recruitment of students and faculty. Even if only a small percentage of external web visitors notice or investigate the breadth of co-curricular activities, this could be enough to help some decide to come to Miami.

Who Should Submit Events to the Calendar?

It is recommended that each department, program, and center identify one person to submit their sponsored events. This should be more efficient and ensure consistency in the content is presented.

When Should I Submit an Event?

Submit your event as soon as you know the important details (title, date, time, location).

Not only does this mean more "upfront" publicity, but it might also help limit the number of duplicated events of interest to the same audience and avoid potential scheduling conflicts. If you wait until the eleventh hour, this might mean that only a few people are going to know about your event before it occurs.

If, for example, your department has weekly seminars during the semester, and the schedule has been firmed up early in the semester, it's a good idea to go ahead and enter all seminars into the calendar at once.


If you have questions about your events in the online events calendar, contact Susan Meikle, meiklesb@miamioh.edu.

Signing in to 25Live

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To access 25Live, go to miamioh.edu/roomsched.

From there you can sign in, request spaces, and create events.