Sadaf Ashtari

Visiting Assistant Professor

Information Systems & Analytics & BQ Faculty


Academic Background

  • Ph.D. Technology and Professional Service Management, Eastern Michigan University, 2016
  • M.A Information System Management, Science and Research Azad University, Tehran, IRAN, 2010
  • B.Sc. Information Technology Engineering, Ghazvin Azad University, Tehran, IRAN, 2007
  • Business and Economic Courses, University of Padova, University of Verona and University of Venice joint program, Italy, 2012

Academic & Professional Experience

  • Teaching Experience • Visiting Assistant Professor, Miami University, Information Systems and Analytics Department (Aug 2016- Present) • Doctoral Fellow, Research Assistant, Health Information Technology, Eastern Michigan University (Aug 2014-Jul 2016) • Graduate Assistant-Technology Expert in Faculty Development Center, Eastern Michigan University (Aug 2014-Jul 2016) • Teaching Assistant, Eastern Michigan University (Sep 2013-April 2014) • Instructor, Information Technology Department, Azad University, Parand branch, Tehran, IRAN, (Dec 2010-Sept 2011)
  • Industry Experience • Front-end Web Development (Summer Internship), Fractl, Delray Beach, FL (May 2014-July 2014) • ICT Business Analyst, Karina Mobile Solution Company, Tehran, IRAN (Dec 2012-Aug 2013) • ICT Consultant, Information and Communication Technology Research Center (ITRC), Tehran, IRAN (Jul 2012-Dec 2012) • ICT Researcher, Information and Communication Technology Research Center, Tehran, IRAN (Dec 2008-Jun 2011) • IT Adviser and Head of mobile desk, ITMEN daily newspaper, Tehran, IRAN (Dec 2006-Dec 2008)

Recent Publications

  • 1. Ashtari, S., Eydgahi, A. (2015). Student Perceptions of Cloud Computing Effectiveness in Higher Education. 18th International Conference on Computational Science and Engineering, Proceeding IEEE.
  • 2. Ashtari, S., Eydgahi, A., Lee, H. (2015). Exploring Cloud Computing Implementation Issues in Healthcare Industry. International Conference on Health Information Technology Advancement, Proceeding ICHITA 2015
  • 3. Ashtari, S. (2013). Book Review: I Know Who You Are and I Saw What You Did, by Lori Andrews. Journal of Information Privacy and Security, 9(4).
  • 4. Toloie-Eshlaghi, A., Ashtari, S. (2011). Assessment of social engineering effective criteria in the organization by DEMATEL method. Elixir Management, 37, 3707-3711.
  • 5. Ashtari, S., Poorebrahimi, A. (2010). Modeling Value Chain Related to ICT Services by NGN Technology in Iran. Second International ASIA-ICIM Conference.
  • 6. Ashtari, S., Nazemi, J. (2009). Sustainable Development via Value Based Management System-An approach based on Telecommunication of Iran. 5th International Joint Conference on INC, IMS and IDC-INC, Proceeding IEEE.
  • 7. Ashtari, S., Aflaki, S. (2009). Comparative Performance Evaluation of Media in Provinces of Iran with DEA method. National Conference of Management and Economy of Media.

Honors & Awards

  • • Winner of the EMU Graduate Research Conference Paper Award, Nov 2014 • Best paper prize at national Conference of Management and Economy of Media, Oct 2009 • Top student at Islamic Azad University, awarded merit scholarship, Sept 2010 • Financial aid for master dissertation from Information and Communication Technology Research Center, Mar 2010


Dr. Sadaf Ashtari earned a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology Engineering from Gazvin Azad University (Iran). As a junior, she was employed as an editor of mobile desk in the first IT newspaper in Iran and there she wrote articles, reports, and analyses in the field of IT, new technologies in mobile devices, mobile banking and mobile learning. She passed her internship in Iran Telecommunication Company in the section of internet web site and international affairs.

She did her Master thesis in Information and Communication Technology Research Center (ITRC), where she worked for 4 years and did several research projects such as Cost Management of Next Generation Network (NGN), Performance Evaluation model for postal services based on existing criteria, and Mobile Operators’ interconnection Challenges.

She took some business and economic courses in the joint program in Italy between University of Padova, University of Verona and University of Venice. She went back to Iran in 2012 and worked as an ICT consultant in Information and Communication Technology Research Center (ITRC). Then she switched to industry and became the ICT business analyst at Karina mobile solution. She Implemented ITIL to identify and analyz business processes and used data and process modeling techniques to create clear system specifications for the design and development of system software. She did her Ph.D at Eastern Michigan University and her research focuses on integration of information technology in healthcare.



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