William Brink

Associate Professor



Academic Background

  • Ph.D. University of South Carolina 2014
  • M.S.A University of North Carolina Wilmington 2007
  • B.S. Appalachian State University 2005

Academic & Professional Experience

  • Assistant Professor of Accountancy, Miami University (June, 2014 - Present)
  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Accountancy, Miami University (January, 2014 - May, 2014)
  • Senior Tax Associate, RSM McGladrey (August, 2007 - July, 2010), Wilmington, North Carolina

Recent Publications

  • 1. Lee, Lorraine, Hansen, Victoria and Brink, William D. In Press. Tax Retirement Savings Using an Excel Spreadsheet Approach. Issues in Accounting Education.
  • 2. Brink, William D. and Hansen, Victoria. In Press. The Effect of Tax Authority Developed Software on Taxpayer Compliance. Accounting Horizons.
  • 3. Lee, Lorraine S. and Brink, William D. In Press. Trust in Cloud-Based Services: A Framework for Consumer Adoption of Software as a Service. Journal of Information Systems.
  • 4. Brink, William D., Grenier, Jonathan, Pyzoha, Jonathan, Reffett, Andrew, and Zielinski, Natalie. 2019. Practitioner Summary: The Effects of Clawbacks on Auditors' Propensity to Propose Restatements and Risk Assessments. Current Issues in Auditing. 13(2): 12 €" 20.
  • 5. Brink, William D., Grenier, Jonathan, Pyzoha, Jonathan, and Reffett, Andrew. 2019. The Effects of Clawbacks on Auditors' Risk Assessments and Propensity to Propose Restatements. Journal of Business Ethics. 158(2):313 €" 332.
  • 6. Brink, William D., Lee, Lorraine S., and Pyzoha, Jonathon. 2019. Values of Participants in Behavioral Accounting Research: A Comparison of the M-Turk Population to a Nationally Representative Sample. Behavioral Research in Accounting. 31(1):97 €" 117.
  • 7. Brink, William D., Eaton, Tim, Grenier, Jonathan, and Reffett, Andrew. 2019. Deterring Unethical Behavior in Online Labor Markets. Journal of Business Ethics. 156: 71 €" 88.
  • 8. Brink, William D. and Stoel, Dale. 2018. Analytics Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities for Accounting Graduates. Advances in Accounting Education. 22: 23 €" 43.
  • 9. Brink, William D., Frank, Michele, and Hansen, Victoria. 2018. Using Excel to Evaluate the Taxation of Investments. The Tax Adviser. November 2018.
  • 10. Brink, William D. and Hansen, Victoria. 2018. Incorporating Big Data in the Tax Classroom: Using the IRS Statistics of Income (SOI) to Identify Tax Risk. The Tax Adviser. May 2018.
  • 11. Brink, William D. and Porcano, Thomas M. 2016. The Impact of Culture and Economic Structure on Tax Morale and Tax Evasion: A Country-Level Analysis Using SEM. Advances in Taxation. 23: 87 €" 123.
  • 12. Evans, Allison, Brink, William D., Lee, Lorraine S., and Hennig, Cherie. 2016. Using Excel in the Classroom: Performing a Multilevel Tax Analysis of an S Corporation Conversion. The Tax Adviser. May 2016.
  • 13. Brink, William D. and Quick, Linda A. 2016. Accounting Doctoral Program Characteristics: A Guide for Prospective Students. Advances in Accounting Education: Teaching and Curriculum Innovations. 18: 69 €" 109.
  • 14. Brink, William D. and Lee, Lorraine S. 2016. Data Visualisations: Looks can be Deceiving. Financial Management Magazine/CGMA Magazine. December 2016.
  • 15. Brink, William D. 2016. Taxpayers beware: Tax Software May End up Costing More Than You Think. The Conversation. Available at: Picked up by: The Salem news, The Daily Item, The Eagle Tribune, The Niagara-Gazette, Raw Story, Econotimes, Economy Watch, and others. Radio Interview with: WCBS San Francisco 4/09/2016.
  • 16. Brink, William D. and White, Rich A. 2015. The Effects of a Shared Interest and Regret Salience on Tax Evasion. Journal of the American Taxation Association. 37(2): 109 €" 135.
  • 17. Brink, William D. and Lee, Lorraine S. 2015. The Effect of Tax Preparation Software on Tax Compliance: A Research Note. Behavioral Research in Accounting. 27(1): 121 €" 135.


Dr. Brink joined the faculty of Miami University in the spring semester of 2014 from the Carolinas. His primary teaching interest are in the area of taxation and his primary research interest examine the judgments and decision making of both taxpayers and tax professionals. Outside of work, Dr. Brink enjoys spending time with his family and friends and participating in any sporting activity (current addiction is beach volleyball). In addition he is a huge Pittsburgh sports fan rooting for the Steelers, Buccos, and Pens.


  • FALL 2022
    ACC 321 A, F 10:05AM-12:45PM, FSB0039
    ACC 321 B, F 1:00-3:40PM, FSB 0039
    ACC 611 B, M 7:30-8:45PM, FSB 2041/WEB
William Brink

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  • FALL 2022
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