T.M. Rajkumar


Information Systems & Analytics


Academic Background

  • Ph.D. Texas Tech University, MIS, 1989
  • M.S.E.E. Texas Tech University, Electrical Engineering, 1983
  • B.Tech Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, Electrical (Power), 1977

Academic & Professional Experience

  • Professor, Miami University (2016-current)
  • Assoc. Professor, Miami University (1995-2016).
  • Asst. Professor, Miami University (1989-1995).
  • Graduate Assistant, Texas Tech University (1981-1989).
  • Testing Engineer, BHEL (1977-1980).

Recent Publications

  • Lei, H., Fang, X., Rajkumar, T.M. & Holsapple, C. (2020). Recovering Troubled IT Projects: The Roles of Transformational Leadership and Project Complexity., Information System Frontiers, Accepted. doi:10.1007/s10796-020-10068-7.
  • Fang, X., Rajkumar, T.M., Sena, M., & Holsapple, C. (2020). National Culture, Online Medium Type, and First Impression Bias. Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce., doi: 10.1080/10919392.2020.1713686.
  • Havelka, D., & Rajkumar, T.M. (2019). Antecedents to Successful Software Training: A Research Framework and Preliminary Evidence,  Issues in Information Systems Volume 20, Issue 3, pp. 11-21.
  • Xiang,F., Rajkumar, T.M., & Sena, M. (in press, 2019). The Effects of National Culture Dimensions and Online Medium Type on Decision Confidence: a Study based on US and China. Issues in Information Systems Volume 20, Issue 2, pp. 105-116.
  • Chen, J. V., Rungruengsamrit, D., Rajkumar, T.M. & Yen, D. C. (2013). Success Of Electronic Commerce Websites: A Comparative Study In Two Countries. Information & Management.
  • Fang, X. & Rajkumar, T.M. (in press, 2013). The Role of National Culture and Multimedia on First Impression Bias Reduction: An Experimental Study in US and China,. IEEE Transactions on Professional Communications.
  • Mani, R.V.S., Baul, U., Mohanty, R. P., & Rajkumar, T.M. (in press, 2012). An Empirical Study of Information Technology Infrastructure Capability and its Impact on Digitally Enabled Customer Management Processes in Life Insurance Companies. International Journal of Business Information Systems.
  • Rajkumar, T.M., Anderson, P., Benamati, J. S, & Merhout, J. W. (2011).  Are Student Self-Assessments a Valid Proxy for Direct Assessments in Efforts to Improve Information Systems Courses and Programs? An Empirical Study.  Communication of AIS, 28 (1), Article 31.
  • Jengchung V. Chen, David C. Yen, T.M. Rajkumar, Nathan A. Tomochko, (2011) The antecedent factors on trust and commitment in supply chain relationships, Computer Standards & Interfaces, Volume 33, Issue 3, March 2011, Pages 262-270,
  • Benamati, J. S. & Rajkumar, T.M. (2008).  An Outsourcing Acceptance Model: An Application of TAM to Application Development Outsourcing Decisions. Information Resources Management Journal, 21 (2), 80-102.
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  • Havelka, D. & Rajkumar, T.M. (2006). Recovering Troubled Projects: Prescriptions for Sustained Recovery. Issues in Information Systems, VII N2, 92-96.
  • Aiyer, J., Rajkumar, T. M., & Havelka, D. (2005). A Staged Framework for the Recovery and Rehabilitation Of Troubled IS Development Projects. Project Management Journal, 36 (4), 32-43.
  • Davis, W. S. & Rajkumar, T. M. (2004). Operating Systems: A Systematic View-Sixth Edition Addison Wesley.
  • Erasala, N., Yen, D. C., & Rajkumar, T. M. (2003). Enterprise Application Integration in the EC World. Computer Standards and Interfaces.

Areas of Expertise

  • Business Intelligence
  • Analysis of structured and unstructured data
  • Web Development
  • Database management systems
  • Multimedia


T. M. Rajkumar is Professor of Information Systems. He received his B. Tech from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras in 1977, and his masters in Electrical Engineering and PhD in Business from Texas Tech University in 1983 and 1989.

He has been at Miami University since 1989 teaching various courses in Information Systems. He currently teaches IS Security, Big Data Management, Project Management and Business Intelligence classes both at the undergraduate level and in the Graduate Certification Program for Analytics. He also has industry experience in India and worked in the Transformer manufacturing sector for three years.

He is the coauthor of two books on operating systems aimed at students in community colleges, and has also authored a workbook on the use of CASE software to accompany systems analysis texts. His research interests include offshore outsourcing, troubled project management and the use of multimedia in decision making and in removing biases in decision making. His research has appeared in journals such as the Communications of ACM, Information and Management, Communications of the AIS and others.


  • ISA 245
  • B 1:15-2:35 TR FSB 2050 HYB
  • C 2:50-4:10 TR FSB 2050 HYB
  • ISA 401 C 4:25-5:45 TR FSB 2050
  • ISA 629 A 7:30-8:45 R FSB 2041
T.M. Rajkumar

Contact Information

Office Hours

  • W 10:30-12


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