Joseph Rode




Academic Background

  • Ph.D., Indiana University, Organizational Behavior, 2002
  • M.B.A., Indiana University, Organizational Development (Design Major), 1995
  • B.A., Indiana University/Wabash College, Economics, 1991

Academic & Professional Experience

  • George and Mildred Panuska Professor of Business, Farmer School of Business, 2019-present
  • Professor of Management, Farmer School of Business, Miami University, 2016-present
  • Associate Professor of Management, Farmer School of Business, Miami University, 2009-2016
  • Assistant Professor of Management, Farmer School of Business, Miami University, 2003-2009
  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Management, Kelley School of Business Indiana University, 2002-2003
  • Associate Instructor, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University, 1997-1998, 2000-2002
  • Change Management Consultant, Accenture (formerly Andersen Consulting), 1995-1997, 1998-2000
  • Buyer, May Corporation, 1991-1993

Recent Publications

  • 2018, Dust, S., Rode, J.C., Arthaud-Day, M.L., and Howes, S.S. “Managing the self‐esteem, employment gaps, and employment quality process: The role of facilitation‐and understanding‐based emotional intelligence.” Journal of Organizational Behavior, 39, 680-693.
  • 2017, Rode J.C., Authard-Day, M., Ramaswami, A. & Howe, S. “A Time Lagged Study of Emotional Intelligence and Salary.” Journal of Vocational Behavior, 101, 77-89.
  • 2016, Rode, J. C., Xiaowen, H., & Flynn, B. "A cross‐Cultural Examination of the Relationships among Human Resource Management Practices and Organisational Commitment: An Institutional Collectivism Perspective." Human Resource Management Journal, 26, 471-489.
  • 2016, McFarland, R., Rode, J.C, & Tasadduq, T. “A Contingency Model of Emotional Intelligence in Professional Selling.” Accepted for publication at The Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 44 (1), 108-118.
  • 2013, Wang, P., Rode, J., Shi, K. & Luo, Z. “A Work Group Climate Perspective of the Relationships among Transformational Leadership, Work Group Diversity, and Employee Creativity.” Group and Organization Management, 38, 334-360
  • 2012, Arthaud-Day, M.L., Rode, J.C , Neihoff, B.P., and Turnley, H.W. “Direct and Contextual Effects of Individual Values on Organizational Citizenship Behavior in Teams.” The Journal of Applied Psychology, 97, 792-807
  • 2012, Rode, J.C., Judge T.A., and Sun, J.J. “Incremental Validity of Core Self-Evaluations in the Presence of Other Self-Concept Traits: An Investigation of Applied Psychology Criteria in the U.S. and China.” The Journal of Organizational and Leadership Studies, 19, 324 - 338.
  • 2011, Huang, X. and Rode, J.C., & Schroeder, R.G. "A Multi-level Examination of the Relationship between Organizational Structure and Organizational Learning across Cultures." The Journal of International Business Studies, 42, 1103-1120.
  • 2010, Wang, P., and Rode, J.C. "Transformational Leadership and Follower Creativity: The Moderating Effects of Identification with Leader and Organizational Climate." Human Relations, 63, 1105-1128.
  • 2008, Rode, J.C, Mooney, C.H., Arthaud-Day, M.L., Near, J.P., & Baldwin, T.T., "Ability and Personality as Predictors of Success in Newly Employed Professionals." International Journal of Selection and Assessment, 16, 292-299.
  • 2008, Rode, J.C., Mooney, C.H., Arthaud-Day, M.L., Near, J.P., Baldwin, T.T., Rubin, R., and Bommer, B. "A Test of the Convergent, Discriminant, Criterion and Incremental Validity of the MSCEIT V2.0." Intelligence, 38, 350-366.
  • 2007, Rode, J.C., Regh, M.T., & Near, J.P., and Underhill, J.R. "The Effect of Work/ Family Conflict on Intention to Quit: The Mediating Roles of Job and Life Satisfaction." Applied Research in Quality of Life, 2, 65-82.
  • 2007, Gerhardt, M., Rode, J.C., and Peterson, S.J., "Individual Differences in Self-Management, Situational Constraints, and Performance." Personality and Individual Differences, 43(6), 1344-1355.
  • 2007, Rode, J.C., Mooney, C.H., Arthaud-Day, M.L., Near, J.P., Baldwin, T.T., Rubin, R.S., and Bommer, W.H. "Emotional Intelligence and Performance: Evidence of Direct and Moderated Effects." Journal of Organizational Behavior, 28, 399-421.
  • 2006, Peterson, S.J., Gerhardt, M., and Rode, J.C., "A Lab Study of Trait and State Hope as Predictors of Task Performance." Personality and Individual Differences, 40 (6), 1099-1109.
  • 2005, Rode, J.C., Arthaud-Day, M.L., Mooney, C.H., Near, J.P., Baldwin, T.T., Bommer, W.H., and Rubin, R.S. "Life satisfaction and Student Performance." Academy of Management Journal of Learning and Education, 4(4), 421-433.
  • 2005, Arthaud-Day, M.L., Rode, J.C., Mooney, C.H., Near, J.P., and Baldwin, T.T., "The Subjective Well-being Construct: A Test of its Convergent, Discriminant, Criterion, and Factorial Validity." Social Indicators Research, 74, 445-476.
  • 2005, Rode, J.C., and Near, J.P., "Spillover Between Work Attitudes and Life Attitudes: Myth or Reality?" Social Indicators Research, 70, 79-109.
  • 2004, Rode, J.C., "Job and Life Satisfaction Revisited: A Longitudinal Test of an Integrated Model." Human Relations, 57(9), 1205-1230.

Honors & Awards

  • 2019 Awarded George and Mildred Panuska Professor of Business
  • 2018 Famer School of Business Senior Faculty Award for Research Excellence
  • 2014-16 Awarded Endres Associate Professor Fellow

Professional Interests

  • Research interests: Relationships between work and nonwork domains, Environmental, personality, and subjective influences on attitudes and behavior.
  • Teaching interests: Organizational Behavior, Human Resources, Leadership

Areas of Expertise

  • Impact of attitudes and emotion on performances
  • Work and non-work relationships


Dr. Rode came to Miami from Kelly School of Business (Indiana University) where he taught for five years.

Miami MBA students recognize Professor Rode as being an engaging, personable teacher who encourages class participation and thinking "outside the comfort zone."

Organizational Behavior, Human Resources, and Leadership are his areas of teaching interest.


  • FALL 2022
  • MGT 414 A T R 11:40AM- 1:00PM FSB 2046
  • MGT 474 A T R 8:30AM- 9:50AM FSB 2046
  • MGT 474 B T R 10:05AM-11:25AM FSB 2046
Joseph Rode

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