Where will I take courses?

All courses for the part time evening program are held in West Chester, Ohio at Miami's Voice of America Learning Center.


What is the cost per credit hour?

The cost per credit hour for the 2016-17 academic year is $1050.

What additional expenses can I expect to incur while I am a student?

Other than a technology fee in the fall and spring semester there are no other expenses. Your course materials and dinner are provided at no additional cost.


What is the application deadline?

Application review is on a rolling basis and therefore the application can be submitted anytime before the start date of the fall or spring semester. However, priority will be given to those qualified candidates who have completed the application process.

When will I know if I've been accepted?

You will be notified of your acceptance status 1-2 weeks after your application file is complete and you have gone through the interview process.

Can I still work during the day while I am in school?

Yes. This program is only offered in the evening at our West Chester location. It is designed for those that wish to continue to work during the day and attend classes in the evening. Our course schedule of 12-week semesters, significant breaks in between, and a 2 year format make sure you can continue to work while pursuing your MBA. In order to best accommodate your busy schedule dinner is provided as well as course materials at no additional cost.

When can I begin courses in the MBA Program?

Once accepted, you may choose from either our fall or spring term.

Do you require work experience?

Yes we require at least three years work experience. There are circumstances in which we have admitted students with less than three years, post-baccalaureate work experience. We understand that "work experience" comes in many shapes and sizes. If you have a unique professional history that might not fit exactly within our parameters, please call us at (513) 895-8876 to discuss your individual situation.

What sort of an academic background do I need?

The Miami MBA is designed for students with any academic background. Over 50% of the students in our program hold an undergraduate degree other than business.


Will I be required to take any prerequisite courses?

We require accepted students to have taken financial accounting, microeconomics, and statistics before they can be registered for the core courses. It is important to note: If you have taken these courses in the past and received a letter grade of "C" or better you are not required to retake.


Do I have to take the GMAT or GRE BEFORE I submit my application materials?

No but we are unable to make an admissions decision until we have received the score.

I haven't taken the GMAT, but have taken the GRE. Does that count toward admission?

Yes we will accept both the GRE and GMAT.

Can I complete the GMAT or GRE after the deadline?

Yes, assuming you have already submitted the online application and a copy of your undergraduate transcripts. We will not make an admission decision until we have received a competitive score.

If I take the GMAT test more than once, does the school average the scores or use the higher score?

We will use the higher score.

Will having extensive work experience substitute for the GMAT?

This will be decided on a case by case basis given the candidate has extensive work experience. A candidate must participate in the interview process in order for this to be considered.

Will having a graduate degree substitute for the GMAT?

This requirement may be waived if an applicant possesses a terminal degree; PhD or JD.