Monroe Courses

These classes have been completed. Fall 2018 content will be updated when registration opens.

Monday Classes

Worship in Motion

You’ve heard it said, “Music is a universal language.” This class will be your opportunity to share with others the joy of moving to music regardless of your mobility limitations or knowledge of dance steps. Participants will learn the background and culture of music and dance, will experience moving to the music of praise, and will see how dance can be used in liturgical settings in an evocative and worshipful manner. The class is open to all regardless of mobility level.


Karen Fleming is a past instructor of ballet, tap, and lyrical dance and currently choreographs liturgical dance for local churches.

Susan Anderson is a state-certified educator who has taught life application of Biblical principles for many years and is an avid lover of dance.

Dates and Location

5 Mondays: April 2–April 30; 9:00–10:15am
Butler County Chapel, Mt. Pleasant

Vladimir Nabokov: Master of the Short Story

One of the greatest writers in the 20th century was a master of the short story. Let’s read a few of his stories, learn more about his life, and discuss why these stories continue to fascinate readers. The stories reflect Nabokov’s thematic and stylistic interests, so they are a great introduction to his fiction. Nabokov’s life is as fascinating as his writing. He was born in Russia but eventually became an American citizen and university professor before retiring to Switzerland. He was a self-taught lepidopterist whose scientific writings have been rediscovered in recent years.

Class text: The Stories of Vladimir Nabokov. Publisher: Vintage, 1st American edition (December 9, 1996). Language: English ISBN10:0679729976.


Marianne Cotugno, Associate Professor of English, has published on a range of 20th century authors. Her dissertation was on Vladimir Nabokov.

Dates and Location

5 Mondays: April 2–April 30; 10:45am–noon
Butler County Chapel, Mt. Pleasant

Wednesday Classes

Remember When Picnics Were Fun?

We will begin with blueberry cheesecake brownies and icebox fried chicken with lemonade from a Mason jar before graduating all the way up to seven layer salads, dolmas, and spanakopita! The weekly themes are: Down by the River (old-time favorites); Mangiare Tuscano (a chilled feast of Central Italy); Mr. Picnic (so the man of the house can be a star); Picnic in a Jar (just use Mason jars, all ya need is a fork and a spoon); and Ropa! (Greek picnic on the run).


William Bozarth, Director of Culinary Services, Mt. Pleasant Retirement Village .

Dates and Location

5 Wednesdays: April 4–May 2; 3:30–4:45pm
Activity Building, Mt. Pleasant

Thursday Classes

How to Convert Old Photos, Slides, and Films to Digital Files for Posting Online

Learn how to organize your old and new photos, slides, videos, and home movies by date, time, location, and theme while displaying them for family and friends on a no-cost, secure online system. You will need a desk and/or laptop computer (of any make/model) with Internet access. You will learn how to obtain photo and video files from cameras, phones and scanners. If possible, bring a laptop and/or tablet computer to the first class session. Be sure to check out ILR’s 3000+ photo collection, organized by years and events, at collections, created by an ILR volunteer.


Paul Holzschuher is a retired electrical engineer who has been an avid photographer since the 1950s. His travel photos and videos are posted online at nikonimages/collections.

Dates and Location

5 Thursdays: April 5–May 3; 10:45am–noon
Activity Building, Mt. Pleasant

Afternoon Lectures

The Afternoon Lectures provide an opportunity to hear about the experiences of interesting people through their incredible stories. There’s always something new and fascinating to learn!

April 5When Cincinnati was in the Southern Hemisphere: How 450 Million Years Shaped the
Environment of Cincinnati. 

Brenda Hunda is the Curator of Invertebrate Paleontology at the Cincinnati Museum Center and an Adjunct Professor at the University of Cincinnati. She designs exhibits and does programming for the Center and says she gets to “play in one of the highest diversity fossil sea bottoms in North America.”

April 12Folk Songs: Origins, Traditions, and the Memories They Evoke. 
Bill Philips is the former pastor of the Presbyterian Church in Hamilton.

April 19Utah! A Visual Hike Through the Amazing Parks Around the Grand Canyon. 
Bill Gardner is a former church administrator who enjoys travel and photography.

April 26Remember the Treaty of Westphalia: Forgotten Lessons From a Forgotten Era. 
Dennis Witman is a semi-retired lawyer and a retired professor of business at Miami University.

May 3English, a Humorous Language: How Our Speech Makes Us Laugh! 
Doug Alder taught English, speech, and drama in Middletown City Schools and was also a Hospice chaplain. Barb Alder was a Special Education teacher in Middletown City Schools.


Lois Philips is a retired Miami University administrator.

Dates and Location

5 Thursdays: April 5–May 3; 1:00–2:15pm
Chapel, Mt. Pleasant

Fun with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)

Heard of STEM? You can be DOING Science, DOING Technology, DOING Engineering, and DOING Math—all while having fun! Join us for some hands-on fun where you may design, create, test, engineer, and/or program in a variety of STEM workshops with iSPACE.


Sue Hare is the Grant and New Programs Manager for iSPACE, The STEM Learning Place, a nonprofit founded in 2001. She manages corporate and foundation awards and collaborates within iSPACE, as well as with other entities, to manage educational projects and events. She generates and delivers curricula for students, teachers, and community organizations.

Dates and Location

5 Thursdays: April 5–May 3; 2:45–4:00pm
Chapel, Mt. Pleasant

ILR events/classes involving walking/hiking/exercise may be strenuous for some. Please use discretion when registering.