Roger and Joyce Howe: The founders of the Howe Writing Center

HWC Staff

The Howe Writing Center has two full-time administrators, three graduate assistants, and a team of graduate and undergraduate consultants, welcome staff, graphic designers, and marketing interns.

Administrative Staff

See full bios for all of the HCWE administrative staff.

Kate Francis ( is the HWC Manager. She facilitates the daily operations of on-campus HWC locations and oversees the writing consultants, welcome staff, the marketing team interns, and the graphic designers. 

Jenelle M. Dembsey ( is the Coordinator for Technology and Accessibility. For the writing center, she coordinates online writing appointments and trains online writing consultants.

Kyle Larson ( is a Graduate Assistant Director and a second-year PhD student in Composition and Rhetoric. He now conducts training seminars, undergraduate mentoring, and anti-oppression writing center research.

Ryan Vingum ( is a Graduate Assistant Director and a second-year PhD student in Composition and Rhetoric. He is involved with leading seminars/ongoing consultant training, mentoring, and researching and assessing consultant training and transfer.

Luke Shackelford ( is a Graduate Assistant Director and a first-year masters student in the Philosophy department. He assists in online training and research, as well as coordinates the HCWE Writing Associates Initiative.

Student Leadership Team

Brie M. is a double-major in biology and English, with a double-minor in marketing and Spanish. She enjoys Pizza Hut dinner boxes and is addicted to videos of unlikely animal pairs being friends.

Evan D. is a creative writing major with a minor in classical humanities. He spends most of his time reading, writing, or otherwise creating and consuming stories. If he’s not doing that, he’s probably busy with the Sigma Tau Delta English honors society or justifying a trip to Graeter’s.

Marc P. is double majoring in French and French Education. He enjoys alternative music and does not regret watching every episode of The Office fourteen times through.

Mira P. is a political science and economics double major with a Spanish minor. She is the President of her sorority, Alpha Delta Pi, and enjoys getting half-priced sushi at Nara in her free time. She also is a fan of Kanye West, power naps, and Jersey Shore.

Rachel V. is a marketing major and an entrepreneurship minor who loves turtles, enjoys baking cookies, and strives to look like Jennifer Aniston when she's 46.

Graduate Writing Consultants

Andreas K. is an MA student in literature. His area of research involves American Modernism, particularly identity and post war trauma. He’s an avid gym-goer and tv-watcher in his free time. 

Brenda T. is an English Literature PhD student who also has research interests in women and gender studies and disability studies. She is comfortable talking about these interests in terms of intersectionality, social justice, and writing. In her spare time, Brenda enjoys walking, biking, and creating new vegan recipes for her taste-testing friends.

Freda E. is a graduate student in Creative Writing. She is an instructor of Introduction to Rhetoric & Composition and has a background in Art, American Studies, and developmental disabilities. She likes bad movies, good puns, and empty coffee shops.

Hannah S. is majoring in Political Science and completing the combined BA/MA program. She is involved in Tri Delta and CAS College Ambassador and enjoys horseback riding in her spare time.

Hua Z. is a PhD student majoring in Composition and Rhetoric in the English Department. Her research interests involve comparative rhetoric, translingual writing, second language writing, and critical discourse analysis.

Jax K. is a master's student in Composition and Rhetoric with research interests in dispositions, or attitudes, towards writing, in addition to writing centers. They spend most of their free time obsessing over their cat, Nellie, and playing Dungeons and Dragons with friends and significant others.

Madeline L. is a first-year graduate student working on an MFA in Poetry. She writes poetry about bakers, whales, and little plants, among other extraordinary ordinary things. When she's not writing, you can find her looking at Instagram pictures of Oprah's garden harvests. 

Maryana B. is a graduate student in the Composition and Rhetoric Program. She's interested in anti-racist and feminist pedegogies and digital/multimodal rhetoric. When not at school, she spends too much time watching competitive cooking shows.

Undergraduate Writing Consultants

Aislyn G. is a creative writing major obsessed with the Victorian Era, magical realism, and sour candy. She is also part of a project at the writing center that focuses on social justice, and she is comfortable answering questions from writers and consultants about issues surrounding the LGBTQ+ community, gender, neurodiversity, and more.

Anna J. is an English literature major with a co-major in film studies and a minor in Spanish. She spends her weekends watching too many movies and taking road trips to Barnes and Noble. She loves swashbuckling fiction and will challenge anyone and everyone to a duel by rapier at sunset.

August H. is majoring in economics and Russian, East European, and Eurasian studies. He is involved with the mock trial team and student court, and enjoys hiking and bird watching in his spare time.

Brenda U. is currently a professional writing and philosophy double major who wants to work in the legal field after undergrad. She loves drinking coffee, watching an unnecessary amount of tv shows, and volunteering at the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington, D.C.

Caroline P. is currently a finance and political science double-major. She enjoys unnecessary online shopping, Netflix, and drinking too much Diet Coke.

Ellen S. is a junior double major in English Literature and Creative Writing with minors in education and rhetoric/writing. She is a proud INFJ, grammar nerd, obsessive organizer, and Disney/Harry Potter enthusiast. When not at Howe, Ellen is involved in Collegiate Chorale, Academic Scholars Program, CAS ambassadors, Chi Omega, serving as a UA, and interning with the Literature Program.

Evelynne (Hien) L. is double majoring in Philosophy and Sociology. She enjoys everything food-related and hopes to open her own Vietnamese restaurant someday.

Faiz S. is a sophomore accounting and finance double major with a minor in management and leadership. His favorite shows are The Office, Game of Thrones, and Modern Family. On top of that, he likes spending as much time with his friends as possible and going to the rec.

Hannah M. is a creative writing and integrated English education AYA double major who loves writing (obviously), Leonardo DiCaprio and going to the gym. She loves diving into abstract books and watching horror flicks, even if she's home alone and it's storming outside. She's unnecessarily organized and loves watching Netflix series in a weekend.

Jack R. is a creative writing/media and culture dual major.  He enjoys reading, writing, running, and dungeons & dragons in his free time.  He is part of the English fraternity, Sigma Tau Delta, and is the co-president of the Jane Austen Book Club (which does exist, to many's great surprise). When he isn't in class, working on his hobbies, or fulfilling his obligations he can be found in his room, staring at the wall in fear.

John W. is a mechanical engineering major with a minor in general business. When he’s not consulting, doing math problems, or watching The Office, he’s flying airplanes.

Karen A. is a public administration and strategic communication major who might pick up a minor in criminology. She loves dogs, running, and re-watching Parks and Recreation on Netflix.

Kevin V. is a junior journalism and professional writing double major with a minor in theatre. He is also a member of Collegiate Chorale and is an editor for Inklings magazine. He lives with a cat named Toc, even though he is allergic to her. 

Kyle S. is a junior from Cincinnati who's majoring in Public Health & Spanish, and minoring in Global Health (and hopefully Entrepreneurship). When he's not busy with either Howe or school, he enjoys snuggling fuzzy animals, working with children, and convincing himself he has a life whilst playing video games.

Leah G. is a junior creative writing and professional writing double major with a minor in women's, gender, and sexuality studies. When she isn't catching up on Grey's Anatomy, you can usually find her at Starbucks sipping a venti chai tea latte or grabbing dinner at Wild Bistro with her friends. She hopes to one day own two cats and a dog, preferably one that is not bigger than her.

Leah S. is a marketing major with a business legal minor. She is majoring in business so she doesn’t starve but actually just wants to be a novelist. She is a member of Phi Sigma Sigma sorority on campus and likes to live her life in various extremes.

Maddie H. is a junior English literature and psychology double major. Along with Howe, she works as a tour guide and is involved in two research labs, Alpha Phi Omega, and volunteers at Women Helping Women. She doesn't have a lot of free time, but when she does, she enjoys listening to music, watching Netflix, or reading. 

Meghan M. is a junior speech pathology and audiology major with minors in History and Rhetoric/Writing. She is a big fan of the Cleveland Cavaliers, grilled cheese, and bad jokes. 

Melanie O. is a strategic communication and interactive media studies double major. She enjoys spending her time at the gym (to balance out how often she eats Chipotle) and napping between classes.

Mikel P. is a sophomore creative writing and film studies major. She loves television more than anything, but she also tries to make time for looking at cats, writing, and sleeping.

Miranda C. is a social work major from Cleveland who aspires to one day work in a hospital. When she's not binge watching Orange Is The New Black, you can find her either at the rec or eating queso at Fiesta Charra. She loves Nicholas Cage, succulents, and LaCroix.

Nick F. is a psychology major and English literature minor from Cincinnati, Ohio. When he's not in the psychology building, he's probably listening to old records or watching Wes Anderson movies.

Phoebe M. is an individualized studies major focusing on creative writing and social justice. When she’s not catching up on Gilmore Girls, you can usually find her studying at King or grabbing dinner at Quarter Barrel with her friends. She hopes to one day own at least three dogs, preferably French Bulldogs.

Selena P. is a psychology major with a minor in criminology who loves to sing, play piano, write, read, shop for unnecessary clothes, and watch Netflix. You may see her around campus while she is at work, involved with Kappa Phi events, or performing with the Miami University Gospel Singers.

Tara V. is majoring in Biology with a co-major in Environmental Science. She enjoys hiking with her friends, singing along to music from the 70s, binge-watching The Office & FRIENDS, and [very amateur] photography.

Taylor T. is a psychology major with two minors in theatre and creative writing and spends much of her time with the organization Cru or hiding away with her tea and journal.

Welcome Staff

Colleen E. is double majoring in international studies and finance with a French minor. In addition to working at the writing center, Colleen also works in the Office of Admissions as a tour guide. She very much enjoys traveling and plans to study abroad twice during her time at Miami.

Danielle R. is a marketing major and spanish and supply chain minor. She loves traveling and hopes to work abroad someday. She also loves reading and running in her spare time.

Karen H. is a biology major with two minors in neuroscience and supply chain. She loves to try different kinds of food, make bubble tea with friends at home, and go to different rooftops in New York.

Rachel S. is an anthropology major with a minor in History. She loves movies, food of all shapes and sizes, and hours spent pouring over a good book.


Grace B. is a graphic design major with a minor in marketing. She loves skiing, netflix, and coffee and is a member of Gamma Phi Beta.

Maggie W. is a graphic design major and interactive media studies minor. She enjoys organizing, traveling with her family, and eating mac and cheese. She is also the public relations chair for Alpha Delta Pi.

Marketing Team

Emily R. is a marketing major and fashion design minor. She loves to travel and enjoys baking. She is the Director of the Honor Code for the Business Student Advisory Council, a member of Pi Sigma Epsilon, and a member of Alpha Delta Pi.

John P. is a marketing major and a part of the Business Fraternity Pi Sigma Epsilon. He loves to spend time with his friends and is also a member of the Social Fraternity Kappa Alpha Order on campus.