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Fall Into Fitness

“Fall Into Fitness” Challenge

The “Fall Into Fitness” challenge is designed to encourage physical activity and to accomplish a goal of so many points in a set number of days. The program is free for SilverSneakers® members, and will allow you to track your progress so you can stay motivated to achieve the goal to receive recognition and prizes! The rules are as follows:

  1. Each participant will try to achieve 250 points in the date range by participating in various activities within the Rec Center and its programming. After each activity, each member will need to make the following conversions:
    • SilverSneakers® fitness classes =  5 points
    • Land Group Fitness classes = 5 points
    • Water Group Fitness classes = 5 points
    • 1 mile on the cardio machines = 1 point
    • 30 minutes of weight training (including personal training) = 2 points
    • 30 minutes of any physical activity = 2 points

*Each activity only counts toward one category of points at a time. EX: Silver Sneakers class can count for either: 5 points for taking the class or 2 points for each 30 minutes of activity. Not both.

  • Attending SilverSneakers® Coffee Socials, Pickleball and Fitness Center Orientations = 3 points

Based off these conversions, participants will be able calculate how many points they achieved for that day.

  1. In order for any points achieved by the participant to count, participants must log their activity in the WHITE Challenge Binder at the Reception desk the same day the activity was completed.
  2. The Challenge will last from October 9 - December 9, 2017.
  3. ALL activities must either be completed in the facility or through Miami Recreation.
  4. Each week an updated log of all participants’ points to date will be located in the back of the binder, as well as a separate ranking of the Top 5 participants in the lead.
  5. At the end of the challenge, participants who accomplish the challenge will receive a certificate and a prize for their achievements.


Three Levels of Completion for the Challenge:

GOLD: Completed 250 points

SILVER: Completed 175 points

BRONZE: Completed 150 points


For any questions, contact Beth Keith at (513) – 529 – 8157 or