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Webex maintenance scheduled for overnight June 8-9
Webex will be conducting maintenance on overnight June 8-9. During this maintenance window, there will be service disruption. Cisco recommends that you do not use Webex during the maintenance window.
Ransomware and you: Tips for avoiding NetWalker and others
There's no rest for the wicked, and that apparently goes double for malicious attackers during a pandemic.
Security in the age of WFH: Redux
Let's establish a few reminders relating to Webex security and online security in general.
Techsplaining 101: Integrated technologies
There is an entire network (pun intended) of interconnected apps and computing infrastructure that keep Miami working effectively.
Planned upgrade: Puppet servers unavailable Tuesday through Thursday next week
IT Services will start the first phase of a planned upgrade to Version 5 of Puppet. If you know what that means, read on.
New email phishing message claims to offer employment from Disability Resources office
Scammers are once again offering employment opportunities. Do not click!
Google updates: Meeting and sharing just got easier
In the interest of increasing productivity and helping users stay connected, Google has been semi-regularly rolling out updates to its products.
Technology-driven community: Coming together in the digital realm
In these uncertain times, it helps to know that you have a group of people around you who provide support and encouragement. Tech is making it easier.
IT Profiles: Infrastructure, cars, coding, and community with Jeff Triplett
Jeff Triplett has been a pillar of Miami IT for more than a decade.