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MyHeritage Data Compromise data breach demonstrates the need for Miami users to change their passwords.
Miami Information Security Officer moving on to new challenges
After 11 years as our assistant vice president of security, compliance, and risk management and CISO (Chief Information Security Officer), Joe Bazeley moved on to begin the next phase of his life and career.
InfoSec tricks and treats: 2019 edition
Don't be spooked -- here are some security treats to offset the tricks this Halloween season!
Reminder: NetDisk is going away
At the end of December, NetDisk is going away. But we have you covered.
Direct deposit phishing scheme targets Miami
Be aware of a new-old phishing scheme targeting direct deposit information.
Wi-Fi Calling feature can help with poor cell connection
If while on campus you find you have less than desirable cell phone coverage and are connected to MU-WIRELESS, enabling Wi-Fi Calling on your cell phone will allow calling and texting services over Miami's Wi-Fi network.
IT Governance (in 500 words or less!)
Have you ever wondered how IT projects get done?
Duo Mobile: Good for more than just Duo!
The Duo Mobile application does more than just push login prompts to your smartphone. LetÂ’s take a deeper dive into the app.
New sophisticated phishing scam pretending to be your colleagues
IT Services has received several reports that a new, sophisticated phishing scam is on the prowl.