Assessment Guidelines

This section outlines the recommended components of an assessment plan for Global Miami Plan courses, including plans for department-wide assessment (i.e., as part of Program Review) as well as for individual courses (i.e., for new course proposals). Please keep in mind that these are suggestions, not mandates. The Office of Liberal Education expects and welcomes new ideas for assessment that departments desire to implement. Thus, this section provides you with guidance, not prescription.

Prior to planning a department-wide assessment, we suggest that the department consult with the Coordinator of Assessment for ideas, methods, and approaches to assessment ( Faculty who have questions about their assessment plan for a new Global Miami Plan course proposal are also invited to contact the Coordinator of Assessment. The assessment process is much more meaningful if an assessment approach is tailor-made for the department conducting it.

A useful approach to assessment can be found in the Multi-Tiered Model of Assessment, which includes three tiers of assessment. Descriptions of each tier and examples are provided below:

Tier 1 - Course Design and Structure/Faculty Analysis

Tier 2 - Student Perceptions

Tier 3 - Student Learning Outcomes

Other Possibilities

Unless you have consulted with the Coordinator of Assessment to create an alternative plan, it is strongly recommended that your assessment plan include all three tiers of the Multi-Tiered Model of Assessment. Tier 3 assessment, which requires direct assessment of student work, is typically the most challenging type of assessment to conduct. To assist with Tier 3 assessment, samples of learning outcomes, rubrics, and assessment plans and reports are available on the main Assessment and Program Review page.