Assessment Reports


Global Miami Plan Assessment Reports are designed to help departments analyze their Global Miami Plan course offerings and to assess student learning outcomes with respect to the four Global Miami Plan principles (thinking critically, understanding contexts, engaging with other learners, and reflecting and acting). The department's report should include assessment information that will help its faculty identify areas of strength as well as areas that need improvement for:

  • ways in which the courses are designed and taught to assist students in developing competencies related to each of the four Global Miami Plan principles;
  • the extent to which students are actually developing these competencies; and
  • the level of rigor required in the department's Global Miami Plan courses.

A major focus of the report should be on ways to further enhance student learning in Global Miami Plan courses. Finally, the report should result in a departmental action plan that specifies how areas of strength will be maintained and enhanced as well as how areas in need of improvement will be addressed.

Report Format

Guidelines for formatting and organizing the Global Miami Plan Assessment report, including the data sheets that should be submitted with the report, are available in the file below (Word version is available upon request). Please provide all requested information in your final report.
Report Guidelines.pdf

Due Date and Review of Reports

Beginning in 2011, reports should be submitted to the Office of Liberal Education before September,  prior to when Program Review documents are due in October. An ad-hoc committee (comprised of Associate Deans from each division, the Director of Liberal Education, and the Coordinator of Assessment) reviews the reports and submits a summary of their findings to the department, the divisional Dean, and to the Provost. After receiving the letter of findings, the department consults with the appropriate Associate Dean to plan how the action plan will be implemented. After the Program Review cycle is complete, the Provost's Office reviews all information received - including the recommendations outlined in the Associate Deans committee letter - and notifies the department of any action that should be taken.

Developing an Assessment Plan

Prior to submitting the Assessment Report, the department should develop an assessment plan. The plan should be used by the department in conducting its Global Miami Plan review. For assistance on developing a plan, departments should consult with the University Director of Liberal Education, John Tassoni (, or call 9-7135) or with CELTUA Director Cecilia Shore (, or call 9-266). Further information for developing assessment plans can be found in the Assessment Guidelines.