About Honors

The Honors Program at Miami has an esteemed nation-wide reputation. Increasingly, success after college requires students to possess skills acquired in the classroom and some that are not. The Honors Program intentionally builds these skills through inquiry and investigation, integrative thinking, and problem solving. The Honors Program recognizes your academic work and your experience outside of the classroom, often encouraging you to consider how they relate to one another. In Honors you will combine both in-class and out-of-class experiences such as working in a research lab, doing community service, or pursuing a professional internship.
The University Honors Program has the same requirements across all campuses. Once admitted to the program, students must complete four Honors experiences in a two-year period of time. Since Honors is a university-wide program, you may relocate from one Miami University campus to another and retain your status as an Honors student as well as your standing in program. Please note: Honors students that enter the program must complete the Global Miami Plan.

Honors Mission

Our mission is to cultivate students’ personal and intellectual development by encouraging them to discover new beliefs and relationships, refine their notions of success, and accept responsibility for their own and others' growth and learning. We seek students who are self-motivated leaders, curious, tolerant of multiple perspectives, reflective and willing to accept a challenge.

Challenge Yourself

If you are looking to push yourself as a scholar and grow as an individual, then you have come to the right place. Our unique approach to academics will help you expand your horizons. To ensure that honors students are challenged in meaningful ways they:

  • Take Honors courses that incorporate innovative learning techniques, in-depth projects, and dynamic interaction between students and professors.
  • Determine how best to satisfy honors experiences with options to take Honors courses or petition experiences in Research, Campus and Community Engagement, International Study, or Teaching.
  • Complete any of Miami's 100+ majors and possibly even count Miami Plan courses or required classes for your major toward their Honors requirements.
  • Participate in group and individual advising sessions to help identify your personal goals and develop a plan of action that will move you toward your goals.
  • Join a community of students committed to having an enriched education.

The Honors Competencies

Required Competencies Outcomes
Investigation and inquiry Practice the systematic process of exploring an issue, object or work through the collection and analysis of evidence, resulting in informed conclusions or judgments
Integrate Compare and contrast key perspectives (disciplines, theories, epistemologies, cultures)
Synthesis Develop the ability to make connections between academic knowledge and life experiences

Develop problem-solving skills by demonstrating the ability to transfer skills, theories, or methods from one field or experience to another

Self-Reflection Evaluate their own views and how they relate to or differ from those of other authorities and experts.

All Honors students at the Regional Campuses must:

  • Submit a written application, with transcripts, for consideration.
  • Complete HON 181: Foundations of Engaged Learning, a 2-hour, credit/no credit seminar

All Honors students at Miami University must:

  • Complete at least one honors experience each consecutive semester until you’ve reached four.
  • Keep an ongoing portfolio of your work that demonstrates your progress toward your learning goals.
  • Meet with your academic advisor once per semester.
  • Achieve a 3.5 G.P.A. or higher at the time of graduation for University Honors to be noted on official university transcripts and recognition at graduation.

Learn about the kinds of Honors experiences you might expect to choose as you progress through the program.