Code of Conduct

The Code of Student Conduct at Miami University is intended to foster and protect the central purpose of the University: the free and open exchange of ideas. This Code applies to Miami’s undergraduate and graduate students, and student organizations, including Greek organizations. The Code embraces several important values: the rights of free speech and peaceable assembly; the freedom of inquiry and the right to make constructive criticism; the central importance of honesty to this community; and the desire that all students participate on campus in an environment that respects differences of culture, gender, religion, race, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin and ability.

Code of Student Conduct

Code of Conduct FAQs 

Can the University take disciplinary action against me for things that occur off-campus? 

Yes, the University reserves the right to take disciplinary action based on conduct occurring on or off campus and between academic periods.

Can a student let a 21 year old drink in their residence hall room if they are underage? 

All first-year halls are alcohol-free; therefore, no one is permitted to consume alcohol regardless of age. In all other halls, persons of legal age to consume alcohol may do so in a residence hall. Other persons who are not of legal age are subject to the Code of Student Conduct and to possible charges.

What is the difference between a 105A and 105B? 

Section 105A is for intoxication or negative behavior associated with the use of alcohol. Section 105B is for prohibited use, usually associated with underage possession or consumption of alcohol, or illegal use.

What is complicity? 

“Complicity” is generally charged when a student has associated her/himself with behavior that violates policy, such as underage consumption of alcohol in a residence hall room. Students should not permit the illegal consumption or possession of alcohol or other drug use in their residence. If a student enters a residence where underage consumption of alcohol is occurring s/he should leave the residence immediately.

Title IX Protocol for Students 

Please review Miami's Title IX Protocol for students, including the section on Making a Report (section VI) to report sexual misconduct.