Hearing Process Guide

Hearing Process Guide

You can also view this information as a flowchart (PDF).

If you choose to challenge an accusation, please review these steps of the Hearing Process: 

  1. The hearing will be before a Hearing Officer, the Student Court, the Disciplinary Board or Administrative Hearing Panel. Procedural information will be reviewed.
  2. Student is asked to enter a plea of “responsible” or “not responsible” for each alleged violation.
  3. Student has the opportunity to make a brief opening statement (usually limited to five minutes).

  4. Community Standards will present evidence and/or witnesses that support the charges. The student has the right to question any witness. The student will then present evidence or witnesses to corroborate their statements. Only witnesses who can testify to the facts of the case are permitted at this point.
  5. After questions by the Hearing Officer, Court, Board , or Panel members, both Community Standards and the student are given the opportunity to make a closing statement. 
  6. The Hearing Officer, Court,  Board, or Panel members then deliberate in closed session and announce their finding. Either:
    1. The student is found not responsible, and the hearing ends
      - OR - 


    2. The student is found responsible, and the sanctioning phase of the hearing begins. 
      1. Character Information, the student’s plan for moving forward, and any mitigation are considered. Both Community Standards and the student may present a closing statement. 
      2. The Hearing Officer, Court, Board, or Panel members deliberate in closed session, then announce their sanctioning decision.