Hearing Types

There are several types of hearings, including:  

  • Administrative Hearing - A hearing with a staff member from Community Standards. Available for both suspendable and non-suspendable cases.
  • Administrative Hearing Panel - A hearing with a panel of an administrator and faculty. Available only for suspendable cases of Sexual Misconduct and Title IX offenses.
  • Disciplinary Board Hearing - A hearing with a board of faculty and students. Available only for suspendable cases.
  • Student Court Hearing - A hearing with a board of students. Available for non-suspendable cases only.

What type of hearing will I have?

Students may choose either an administrative hearing or another type listed above, depending on the violation.

While we cannot advise you on which type of hearing to choose, some of the reasons that students have for choosing one type over the other are:

  • A desire to have student input in the decision;
  • The comfort level of appearing in front of more than one person;
  • The concept of having more than one person making a decision. 

Any of the hearing processes are fair and use the same general guidelines and same standard of evidence.