You are entitled to be advised at any hearing by a person of your choice. This could be a friend, family member, faculty member, attorney, or student advocate (see below). Any adviser you choose is subject to the constraints of the hearing procedures in the Code of Student Conduct. Since our process is student centered, your adviser is there to advise you and not to engage in the hearing process.

Student Advocate Program

The Student Advocate Program is designed to help students in the judicial process. Student Advocates serve as justices of the Student Court and volunteer their time to serve as Advocates.

Advocates are trained in the hearing process and although you are not required to use one, you are encouraged to contact an Advocate should you have any questions or concerns. An Advocate may also accompany you at a hearing. You may request the presence of an Advocate even if you are also advised by a friend, family member, or attorney. Advocates are volunteers and Community Standards does not take responsibility for the advice they offer.

If you would like advice/assistance from an Advocate, please contact