Judicial Hearing Boards

Administrative Hearing Panel

The Administrative Hearing Panel is composed of administrators and faculty and adjudicates suspendable violations of Sexual Misconduct and Title IX offenses. Current members include:

  • Administrators: Vicka Bell-Robinson, Eric Buller, and Mark Pontious
  • Faculty: Steven Elliott, Jeremy Jones, Lei Kerr, Nohelia Rojas-Miesse, and Gillian Oakenfull

Disciplinary Board

The University Disciplinary Board is composed of faculty and students and adjudicates suspendable violations of the Code of Student Conduct. Current members include:

  • Students: Andrew Alison, Jeffrey Asiedu, Samantha Bettinger, Charlie Chen, Hunter Fanella, Brandon Fogel, Dominick Kocak, Michaela Melnek, Meaghan Murtagh, Ali Preissing, Charlie Powers, Jamie Ross, Ariel Shuster, Caroline Weimer, and Madeline Zink
  • Faculty: Stacey Lowery Bretz, William Brewer, Kristen Budd (chair), Ronald Bulanda, Steven Elliott (chair), Othello Harris, Howard Kleiman, and Glenn Muschert (chair)

Student Court

Student Court is a board of student peers who adjudicate non-suspendable violations of the Code of Student Conduct. Current members include:

  • Ben Baughman, Addison Caruso, Lucy Eisgruber, Conor Ferrall, Brendan Greenlee, August Hagemann, Justice Hubbard, Angelina Klucznik, Morgan Mendenall, Boris Menninger, Julia Pair, Isabella Seeberg, Chase Shelton, Maxwell Trubiano, and Madeline Witte
  • Isabella Seeberg (chief justice)
  • Boris Menninger (pro-temp)
  • Angelina Klucznik (outreach coordinator)
  • Larissa Marple (advisor)

Appeals Board

The University Appeals Board is composed of faculty and students and hears appeals of non-academic violations that have resulted in suspension or dismissal. For appeals of Title IX cases, the appeals board will consist of only faculty. Current members include:

  • Students: Madeline Burke, Samantha Cumley, Julia Emery, Hana Hall, and Matthew Kline
  • Faculty: Gerald Granderson (chair), Andrew Casper, Robert Dahlstrom, Patrick Lindsay, and Andrea Ridilla