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Miami's greenhouses: Overflowing with plants and research
The Belk greenhouse is literally overflowing with plants, says Rob Baker, assistant professor of biology, whose experimental plants are growing under new LED lighting that emits red and blue (pink) wavelengths. With new faculty in plant biology, the new Institute for Food farm and new LED lighting, Miami's Belk greenhouse is overflowing with plants and research.
Big cats visit environmental literature capstone
Students in Professor Anita Mannur's ENG 495E: Postcolonial Environments capstone class recently had some very unusual visitors. The Cincy Big Cat Ambassador Program brought a cheetah, ocelot, housecat, and a dog to Western Lodge to kick off discussions on conservation and adaptation. 
Miami recognized as Bicycle Friendly University
The League of American Bicyclists has recognized Miami University with a bronze Bicycle Friendly University award in recognition of its achievements in promoting and enabling safe, accessible bicycling on campus.
SEEC Scholar-in-Residence David Muñoz speaks about living a sustainable life
CEC was excited to welcome David Muñoz to speak about seeking a sustainable life as the Scholar In Residence for the Socially Engaged Engineering and Computing Colloquium.
New solar array powers change at Institute for Food farm
Bailey Hall (Miami '17) tightens a screw as Ben Jackson (Miami '17) and Mark Scott , assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, look on. The 18-panel solar array at the Institute for Food Farm  produces enough power to run the irrigation system.A newly installed 18-panel solar array at the Institute for Food farm produces enough power to automate the irrigation system to water the crops. And, as if that’s not enough, it does so much more. “The solar array takes us one step closer to putting sustainability into practice on the farm,” said Peggy Shaffer, coordinator for the Institute for Food, professor of history and global and intercultural studies and affiliate in the Institute for the Environment and Sustainability.
Sustainability at Miami: Highlights and Progress
The South Chiller Plant Conversion project (left) will convert a large part of south campus from steam to simultaneous heating and cooling. The renovation of Hamilton Hall (right) last year received a LEED Gold certification.With a new sustainability director, reduction in carbon emissions and energy use, and LEED-certified building renovations, Miami is on track to meet its Sustainability Commitments and Goals.