Department Planning and Improvement Process

Professor speaks to his class in language lab, CAS
Professor Scott Hartley, wearing protective glasses, talks with students in the lab, CAS

To be launched in 2024, the Department Planning and Improvement (DPI) Process is an explicit requirement of the Higher Learning Commission (accrediting body for Miami University) to “maintain a practice of regular program reviews and act upon the findings.” It also addresses the twenty-third recommendation of Miami’s strategic plan, “MiamiRISE” to revise its program review goals and processes.

It is guided by the Department Planning & Improvement Process Committee which is a committee of University Senate.

DPI aims to:

  1. Assess the quality and effectiveness of individual departments.
  2. Identify and continuously monitor strategies for improvement in the context of the disciplines or fields represented in the department, Miami University’s strategic plan and its focus on inclusive excellence, and the division’s and department’s strategic plans. 

Hallmarks of good unit reviews are that they are evaluative and forward-looking, fair and transparent, and result in action.

Departments typically undergo the comprehensive DPI every six years, although departments with accredited programs may follow a different timeframe that will align with their professional accreditation cycles. 

To promote continuous improvement, departments submit a mid-cycle report every two years following the DPI comprehensive process and prior to the next comprehensive process.

For more information, join the DPI Canvas site.  Or, contact: Carolyn Haynes, Senior Associate Provost,