Dr. Linda Marchant, 2017 Benjamin Harrison Award winner Dr. Linda Marchant, Professor in Anthropology and the 2017 Benjamin Harrison Award winner
Dr. Mahmud Khan, 2017 Distinguished Scholar Dr. Mahmud Khan, Assistant Professor in Physics and 2017 Junior Faculty Scholar
Dr. Allen McConnell, 2017 Distinguished Professor Dr. Allen McConnell, Professor in Psychology and 2017 Distinguished Professor
Dr. Kimberly Hamlin, 2017 Excellence in Career Development Awardee Dr. Kimberly Hamlin, Associate Professor in Global and Intercultural Studies and 2017 Excellence in Career Development Awardee
Kate Rousmaniere Dr. Kate Rousmaniere, Professor in Educational Leadership and 2016 Benjamin Harrison Award winner
Provost Provost's Student Academic Achievement Award winners - 2017

Excellence in Academic Advising

The Provost's Excellence in Academic Advising Award recognizes faculty and staff members who spend a significant portion of their time providing exemplary direct delivery of academic advising services to undergraduate students and have exhibited exceptional leadership in advancing academic advising at Miami.

Excellence in Academic Advising Award Recipients 2013-Present

Selection Process

Nominees for this award must be a current member of Miami's faculty, classified/unclassified staff, or administration. Nominees should have a significant record of direct delivery of academic advising services to undergraduates and have demonstrated exceptional leadership in promoting high quality academic advising at Miami University.


Nominees should meet the following four criteria:

  • High quality of information and advice: knowledge of graduation requirements including the university curriculum and special program requirements; knowledge of appropriate schedule development and course sequencing; assistance to students as they develop academic, personal and career goals; knowledge of institutional regulations, policies and procedures; ability to engage in developmentally appropriate goals for students.
  • Outstanding support of students: strong interpersonal skills; caring, helpful attitude towards students; willingness to act in the student's best interests; willingness to encourage development of student independence and critically thinking skills; sensitivity to diversity issues; knowledge of campus resources and appropriate referral activity; demonstration of holistic advising principles.
  • Accessibility to students: availability to advisees and frequency of contact; face-to-face and electronic communication; welcoming and responsive to students.
  • Exceptional leadership in advising: creation of high quality advisor development/training activities or resources; significant experience mentoring and training other advisors; and/or development of advising-related initiatives or improvements.


All faculty and staff who have responsibilities for student academic advising are eligible for nomination. Consideration for this award requires two letters of nomination. Nomination letters should provide detailed evidence of effective advising qualities and practices that distinguish the nominee as an outstanding adviser and leader in academic advising.

The Undergraduate Academic Advising Council reviews the nominations and makes recommendations to the Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, who makes the final selection.

The award will be given to one to three recipients, typically to one faculty recipient and one staff recipient.

Nominations are due to Jeffrey Wanko, Associate Provost, by February 2, 2018