Dr. Tammy Kernodle, 2018 Benjamin Harrison Award winner Dr. Tammy Kernodle, Professor of Music and the 2018 Benjamin Harrison Award recipient
Dr. Dominik Konkolewicz, Junior Faculty Scholar Dr. Dominik Konkolewicz, Assistant Professor in Cheministry & Biochemistry and a 2018 Junior Faculty Scholar
Diane Delisio, 2018 Distinguished Service Diane Delisio, Senior Associate Dean, College of Engineering and Computing, and a 2018 Distinguished Service Award recipient
2018 University Awards Recipients The University Awards recipients honored at a reception in April 2018.
Randi Thomas - Distinguished Service Award Randi Thomas, Director of Institutional Relations and a 2018 Distinguished Service Award recipient
Provost Provost's Student Academic Achievement Award recipients - 2018
John Bailer receiving the E. Phillip Knox Distinguished Teaching Award Dr. John Bailer, Chair and Professor of Statistics and the 2018 E. Phillips Knox Distinguished Teaching Award recipient
Eun Chong Yang receiving Career Development Award Dr. Eun Chong Yang, Associate Director, American Culture and English (ACE) Program and 2018 Excellence in Career Development Awardee

Provost's Student Academic Achievement Award Procedures


Nomination of the student can be by the student or by a faculty member. It should be in the form of a one-to-two page letter from the nominator. It should describe the student’s involvement in scholarly/creative activities that extend beyond course or major requirements and contribute to the intellectual climate at Miami (this might include exceptional accomplishments in original research, independent study, internships, study abroad, published scholarship or creative works, etc.)

Nomination packet should also include
  • Current academic transcript
  • Current Curriculum Vitae (CV) or resume and annotated list of academic or scholarly achievements
  • Nomination letter
  • Letter of support from a faculty member (Note: This letter may be from a second faculty member, if the original nomination is made by a faculty member; only one faculty letter is required if the nomination is made by applicant.)
Date Action
March 4 Nomination packet due to the Department Chair
March 18 Packets of the Department's selected nominees due to the Divisional Dean
April 8 Packets of the Division's selected nominees due to the Provost