10-18-18 Weekly Three

October 18, 2018


Annual Budget Presentation – In our continued efforts to provide detailed information about Miami’s budget and other topics, Sr. Vice President for Finance and Business Services David Creamer and I will present the Annual Oxford Campus Budget Symposium during an open meeting ofUniversity Senate on Monday, November 5 (3:30 - 5:00 pm) 102 Benton Hall. (The Regionals’ annual budget presentations will be scheduled during spring semester, 2019.)

Also, as part of a program initiated by Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel to increase transparency, Miami joined a number of other state universities and organizations this year in providing checkbook-level expenditures for inclusion in the state’s online reporting system. Detailed information about Miami’s budget spending can be viewed at Ohio’s Online Checkbook.

Midterm GradesMidterm grades are due and can be submitted by 12:00 N, Friday, October 19th. I encourage you to submit midterm grades or to provide meaningful feedback for your students. Constructive, thoughtful feedback helps students develop productive coursework strategies and is important to their success.


  • The deadline for all full-time faculty and full and part-time unclassified staff to complete the mandatory annual Ethics and External Service Disclosures Questionnaire is Friday, October 19th. Please refer to the October 1st email for a link to the questionnaire that is specific to you.
  • The Open Enrollment for Benefits is available through October 31, 2018 for Miami employee benefits effective beginning January 1, 2019. Details about enrollment and important information about 2019 changes that may affect you can be found here.
  • Recommendations for the Benjamin Harrison and Distinguished Professor awards are due by November 1st.
  • Please refer to Miami’s revised and updated Policy Library website for all University policies and procedures. The site includes policies and procedures from all Miami’s approved handbooks.

Until next week,