Exams & Grading

Midterm and Final Exams


Grades are due 72 hours after completion of the final examination. Bannerweb will be available for grade input from 8:30 a.m. on the Friday prior to final examination week, until noon on Tuesday after final examination week. Summer final examinations are typically given the last class meeting. Specific grade submission and accessibility dates on Bannerweb for all semesters/terms are published in the Academic Calendar.

Group Final Examinations

Guidelines for final examinations have been approved by University Senate and the divisional lead schedulers – including the group final examination definitions. Eligibility for a group final examination is based upon the following criteria:

3 or 4 sections of the same course with total enrollment of 200+


5 or more sections of the same course regardless of enrollment

Final Examination Meeting Times

Final examinations for fall and spring semesters are given at the time listed on the final examination schedule developed by the Office of the Registrar. (Summer final examinations are typically given the last class meeting.) Except for group final examinations, final examinations are held in the room where the class regularly meets.

  • If you will be giving a duly approved substitute (i.e.: portfolio/final presentation) in lieu of a traditional final examination during final examination week, please notify the Office of the Registrar by completing the Won’t Be Using Classroom Space form.
  • Instructors wishing to change their final examination day/time must complete the Change of Final Examination form, which requires the approval of the department chair and the academic dean per updated content in the University Policy Library. Instructors choosing this option are responsible for checking with their students to ensure there are no final examination conflicts by making this change. If conflicts occur, responsibility to make adjustments to accommodate the students falls on the instructor who opted to change their final examination day/time.

A Room Request should be submitted by the department to Room Scheduling to reserve rooms for make-up final examinations during final examination week.

Graduate 6xx, 7xx Level Room Request

Room assignments for final examinations for Oxford Graduate 6xx, 7xx level courses are by request only. It is the responsibility of the instructor to reserve a room with the Office of the University Registrar. All 4xx/5xx level classes will examine in the room where the class regularly meets.


Please submit inquiries to ClassroomScheduling@miamioh.edu.