Benjamin Harrison Medallion

Denise Taliaferro Baszile, 2021-2022 Benjamin Harrison Medallion Recipient Denise Taliaferro Baszile - 2022 Benjamin Harrison Medallion winner

Presented in the spring semester, the Benjamin Harrison Medallion Award is one of the most significant recognitions Miami has to offer faculty for extraordinary and sustained contributions related to teaching, research, and service over the course of their career at the University. One side of the medallion given to the recipient is a likeness of Benjamin Harrison, the 1852 Miami graduate who became 23rd president of the United States, serving from 1889-1893. The other side reads, "For Outstanding Contribution to the Education of the Nation."

Selection Criteria

Nominees for this lifetime achievement award must be a current and longstanding member of Miami’s faculty, hold the rank of professor and exemplify the best in the teacher-scholar model through the following criteria:

  • Evidence of sustained achievement of the highest standards of teaching and advancement of student learning.
  • Attainment of national and/or international stature in an academic discipline and/or an administrative area.
  • Record of outstanding and diverse forms of enduring service to Miami.
  • Recognition of influence beyond his or her primary discipline as evidenced by distinction in endeavors that have served the profession, the university, the public or other disciplines exceptionally well.

Step 1: Nomination

Calls for nominations are issued by the Awards and Recognitions Committee, an advisory committee of University Senate. Nominations for this award must address the criteria mentioned above and must include:

  • Letter of nomination which should specify how the nominee meets the criteria of the award.
  • Nominee's current CV.

Nomination materials for 2023-2024 should be sent on or before November 1, 2023 to

Step 2: Finalist Packet

Finalists will be selected based upon the materials submitted by the nominator.  If selected as a finalist, the finalist should submit a packet of materials that includes the following:

  • Personal Statement by the Nominee on their Philosophy of Teaching, Research and Service.
  • Additional letters of nomination.  Each nominee should have a total of six letters from different individuals (including the nomination letter) – three from internal to the University and three from outside of Miami.  The external nominators should have gained national and international stature in the field.
  • Documentation of the nominee’s continuous teaching effectiveness and commitment to the advancement of student learning over their career; detailed evidence from the past five years (e.g., listing of courses taught, by number and name, including the semesters and years in which the courses were taught; quality of teaching, including quantitative measures on which quality is based; amount and effectiveness of advising and mentoring; innovation and impact in curriculum development). Note: This can be reported similarly to what is typically included in a promotion dossier.
  • Documentation of exceptional cumulative record of high-quality research and creative activity, including quality impact factors and evidence of national or international acclaim. Note: This information may be included in the C.V.
  • Documentation of sustained professional, university and/or community service, including an indication of the significance of the nominee’s role. Note: This information may be included in the C.V.

Selection Process

Nominations and the finalist packets are reviewed by the Awards & Recognition Committee, and recommendations are submitted to the President and Provost who make the final selection. Notification of the award winners will be sent to the individual, the Dean and the nomination contact person in March. Notification of nominations that were not selected will be sent to the contact person or an appropriate senior member of the nominating team.


Award recipients will be recognized at a major awards reception hosted by the President and Provost in the spring semester.