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Program Innovation

Miami University is a student-centered public university committed to fostering outstanding experiences and outcomes for our students. In service of that mission, the University regularly reviews its academic and non-academic programs, offerings, and services to ensure that we are allocating our resources towards areas that best meet student needs, demands, and expectations.

This process enables us to continually refresh, innovate, and add new academic offerings, as well as add capacity within existing areas to meet student demand, which ultimately helps our students to thrive in their respective pursuits.

It also requires that, in certain circumstances, the University restructure or discontinue selected programs where there is limited student interest so that we can reallocate our time and energy. In such cases, the Provost’s Office works closely with Deans, Department Chairs, and University Senate to adjust programs as necessary. In the event Miami elects to discontinue a specific major, currently enrolled students would not be impacted and could continue their course of study through graduation. 

Below are some frequently asked questions and answers about this ongoing process.


I am interested in pursuing a newly launched major or program. Am I eligible to change majors or programs? How can I learn more?

We are eager to share information about our exciting new academic programs and offerings. Please contact the respective academic department to learn more. You can also reach out to your current academic advisor, who can share information with you on your eligibility and implications on your current course of study. 

I have a suggestion related to creating or changing an academic or non-academic program for Miami. Who can I speak with about this?

For Academic program suggestions:

  • If within your current academic division, please contact your respective Academic Dean or Associate Dean.
  • If within a different academic division or across divisions, please contact Academic Affairs, 
  • For Student Life suggestions, please contact Student Life at 

I am currently enrolled in a program or major that may be changing or discontinued. What will the impact be on me?

As part of our continual refresh of academic programs and majors, certain specific courses or course content may change on a semester-by-semester basis. If you have any questions about specific courses or course content, please contact your academic advisor or respective academic department. If a specific major or program is discontinued, all currently enrolled students are able to continue in their area of study through graduation and still receive a degree in that major or program upon graduation. Discontinuation of a major or degree program does not necessarily mean that a selection of courses or other curricular opportunities from that discipline will no longer be offered.  In many cases, minors or certificate programs in the appropriate field may be available.

If an academic program is discontinued, what are the implications on faculty?

As part of the review and planning process, each Academic Dean and Department Chair are responsible for determining any implications for existing faculty. Please contact your Dean or Department Chair for further information.

What academic areas have been in scope for the ongoing academic programs review?

All undergraduate, graduate, and other academic programs across all academic divisions are reviewed by Miami University on an ongoing basis to identify opportunities for improvement.

Recent news indicated only programs in the humanities have been reviewed. Is that correct?

This perception is not correct. Miami’s recent program reviews have included programs in all academic divisions and departments. However, recent stories in the news media have focused on decisions around academic programs related to the humanities, and overall trends in higher education around growth in student and employer demand in areas such as business, engineering, and health.

Miami provides a strong liberal arts education for all students, and the humanities and social sciences are a critical part of that education. We believe that if we are to prepare students for lives of success and impact in a highly dynamic world, it is essential that students possess the tools to analyze information, question assumptions, design solutions, exchange views with others, and become better global citizens.

Are these academic innovations and changes related to the recently announced strategy project that the Board has initiated?

These recent changes are part of ongoing efforts and not related to the recently initiated project to identify opportunities to better support Miami’s mission. That new project may utilize data and information gathered in prior efforts to ensure that we are offering a portfolio of academic programs that meet employer and student needs and avoid duplication. More information will be provided to the community on that project in the coming weeks.


If you have questions about academic programs not covered here please email Academic Affairs at