College Credit Plus

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College Credit Plus (CCP) is an opportunity for Ohio high school students to simultaneously earn both college and high school credit prior to high school graduation.

Benefits of CCP

  • Qualified students may earn college credit at no cost to students or families in courses taught by Miami University faculty. 
  • All CCP students are assigned an adviser to assist them with scheduling and topics related to student success.
  • Students may select courses in the Ohio Transfer Module (OTM) or that have been identified as Transfer Assurance Guides (TAG) which guarantees these credits transfer to other public Ohio colleges and universities.
  • Sample Academic Pathways at Miami University's Oxford Campus have been identified for CCP students seeking to take courses that meet bachelor degree program requirements.

For information and frequently asked questions on the CCP program, please visit and our Postsecondary Partnerships website.

Miami's regional campuses provide a robust offering of CCP courses. Please visit their CCP page for more information.

Two options for enrollment for College Credit Plus (CCP)

Option A

Public, community or nonpublic high school students choose, upon enrollment, college credit or both high school and college credit. In this case, the cost of the program is funded entirely by the student's family.

Option B

Students receive both high school and college credit. For public high school and community school students, there is no transfer of tuition between student and college. The high school's state foundation will pay the college directly. If the student is enrolled in a nonpublic high school, or is home-schooled, the cost may be subsidized by funds set aside by the Ohio General Assembly in each biennium and awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. In order to receive this funding, the student must provide the state with the Application for Funding form and a copy of the letter of acceptance from the university. Public, community or nonpublic high school, or home-schooled students electing this option may not be required to pay for tuition or books. Nonpublic and home-schooled students will be notified by the state if their request for funding is approved.

Advanced High School

Please note that College Credit Plus is available for Ohio high school students only. If you are a non-Ohio resident or foreign national, please submit the Advanced High School application and have your school counselor submit the School Verification Form.

For additional questions, please contact:

Office of Admission, Miami University's Oxford Campus

513-529-2531 or