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Data Analytics Awareness Microcredential

Chances are you have heard of data analytics, which has revolutionized industries and become something of a buzzword in recent years – but what does the term really mean? What implications does it have for students and their prospective careers? Loosely defined as the analysis of raw data to reach conclusions, the Center for Analytics and Data Science (CADS) aims to equip Miami students with a working knowledge of this emerging field through a new Data Analytics Awareness microcredential. 

Learn how data can be operated, communicated, and even questioned, and see data analytics in action first-hand by visiting one of CADS's corporate sponsors. 

Attend all four sessions and complete the requirements for each session to earn the Data Analytics Awareness credential and receive a digital badge that:

  1. exemplifies to employers familiarity with data analytics and
  2. establishes a foundation that can be built upon through future microcredentials or certificate opportunities.
There are four modules a student must attend, plus pass an assessment, to earn the microcredential.  

Spring 2021 Sessions

All sessions are 10am-1pm in 303 Laws Hall. All four must be attended to earn the microcredential.

October 22, 2021 - Question the Question

October 29, 2021 - Code Demystified

November 5, 2021 - The Art and Science of Storytelling

November 12, 2021 - Analytics in Action

Question the Question

Question the Question 

Would you recognize a data analytics problem if you saw one?  Knowing the right questions to ask is the first step to solving any problem.  The right questions, the best questions, are of interest to an audience, have not been previously answered, are plausible, can be answered, and lead to specific results.  To better prepare for solving any data analytics problem, it’s important that you spend more time thinking about the questions and problems to be solved - proper preparation leads to a more streamlined and efficient analysis that lead to meaningful outcomes. 

Code Demystified

Code Demystified

Every industry is being revolutionized by data and the use of code to manipulate that data to make better business decisions.  Whether you are an active coder or the end user of a product developed by coders, code and its output impacts the lives of each and every one of us.  Join us as we demystify coding and bring to life how coding is used to solve problems in every workplace. Become a part of the informed workforce and develop a strong foundation in understanding functional coding.


Art of Stories

The Art and Science of Storytelling 

Communicating effectively with data is a skill imperative to master for influence in today's business climate.  It is through data stories that organizational change happens. To begin, it’s imperative to know the problem you are trying to solve.  Knowing the question to be answered helps you interpret the results, and know what type of data you need to collect to solve the problem.  Exploring this data allows you to compare expectations to reality, a vital step in any data analytics project. Formal modeling of the data highlights the insights, the stories, told by your data.  These collective stories are the most influential way to ensure the insights are understood, socialized and acted upon.

Analytics in Action

Analytics in Action 

Join us for an on-site visit to one of the Center for Analytics and Data Science Corporate Sponsor’s headquarters.  We will hear from data scientists as they walk us through data analytics projects. This session will bring to life how problem framing, coding, and storytelling come together to drive data based decision making.