A walkway in the Formal Gardens.

Outdoor Facilities

Robert Frost once identified Miami’s campus as “the most beautiful campus that ever there was.” Hosting events in these iconic Miami locations, allowing guests to revel in their beauty, and makes for memorable occasions.

Conrad Formal Gardens in full bloom.

Conrad Formal Gardens

This park-like area between Marcum Conference Center and The Miami Inn at the northeast end of campus is a popular spot for leisurely walks, picnics, and outdoor weddings. The beautiful scenery makes this space one of the most photographed places on campus.

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Flowers and a pond in Dogwoods Grove.

Dogwoods Grove

Nestled across from the Miami Inn, in the farthest corner of North Quad, Dogwood Grove, waits patiently for anyone who wishes to take a break from our cement and red brick world, to reawaken themselves in the tranquility of nature.

The chorus of pond, fountain and birds provide a soothing melody for all that visit. Standing strong and tall, three Scarlet oak trees, uncommon to this area, dominate the center of Dogwood Grove, while smaller dogwood trees dot the periphery.

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The Ernst Nature Theater.

Ernst Nature Theater

The Ernst Nature Theater is an outdoor theatre constructed in 1921 on Miami University's Western Campus.

The bridge and rest area on a walking trail.

Peffer Park

A small portion of the land is a recreational park. The balance is maintained as a natural area to promote outdoor recreation, education, and research in the natural sciences. Common activities include hiking, snow skiing, mountain biking and birding. This space is also used frequently by Miami University's Outdoor Pursuit Center for many team building activities.

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The Ohio Historical Marker sign commemorating 1964 Freedom Summer.

Freedom Summer Trails

This unique set of trails draws upon the oral histories, letters and diaries of 1964 Freedom Summer student volunteers who trained to register voters and teach in Freedom Schools in Mississippi. It offers a unique and educational opportunity to learn about Miami University’s involvement in this historic event while taking in some of the most scenic beauty that this campus has to offer.