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twigs incased in ice
female cardinal that has white plummage

Support the Museum

With deep gratitude, we recognize the individuals and organizations that help to make our work possible.  We appreciate each of you! 

Please visit our Friends of the Hefner page for a list of individual supporters.

 logos of supporting people or organizations

If you would like to make a monetary donation to support the Hefner Museum, you may do so in a number of ways.

You may join the Friends of the Hefner.  Information forms are available online and at the museum entrance.
Make checks payable to:  Friends of the Hefner Museum.
Simply fill out the information and mail the form wth your payment to
Friends of the Hefner Museum 
100 Upham Hall
Oxford, OH  45056. 

You also can make a donation through Miami University's Support Us page.
Enter the amount of your donation in the Gift Amount section.
If you want all of your donation to support the Hefner, next to Robert A. Hefner Museum of Natural History, enter the amount of your donation, again, and 100%.
Proceed with the payment instructions.