A Sustainable Agriculture Story: Video Transcript

[This video shows students carrying out the various farm-related tasks.]

Lauren Wulker [Farm and Education Coordinator for Miami University's Institute for Food]: Who are you? [laughter] Education, farming, agriculture, conservation, community engagement. It was meant to be! We are trying to tell a sustainable agriculture story here today that honors the historical legacy of this land and the people who have been here before us—farming, sustainably feeding this community, this region.

Student 1: So a lot of volunteering experiences, you have to like go and learn and do all this training. And you can just…
Student 2: Pick it up.
Student 1: Yeah pretty much email Lauren and start the next day.

Lauren Wulker: People would always come and say to me at the high school level that it's too late and now at the college level I can say, "You're all wrong." You know they're still coming out…People are still coming out of the woodwork wanting to know what this is and how to get involved…They're also solving problems in the real world through a hands-on engaged approach.

Student 2: It makes me feel better like if I need to eat on campus or if I'm eating uptown, I know that my food's fresh.

Lauren Wulker: After the Austin-Magie family, there was another family that ran this 12 acres called the Frymans so this land is also known as the Fryman farm…these 12 acres. And, a couple weeks ago, the woman who married Mr. Fryman, who I think passed away…she lives in North Carolina but there was some bad weather and showed up here at the farm just to see what's going on on the land. And when she found out what we were doing, she teared up a little and said, "Thank you, everyone in my family, we're farmers. I come from agriculture. To see students engaged in this work gives me hope." And so, in that way, we are connected to the people who were here before us and that's an important part of what we're doing.

[Fall 2016]