Gerontology is the study of aging throughout the lifecourse, and it is relevant to nearly every career and field imaginable. Miami is home to some of the top gerontology experts and programs in the world. Led by engaged, innovative faculty and internationally recognized research scholars, Miami offers a learning environment unlike any other.

Degree Options

Miami is one of few universities worldwide that offer degrees at all three levels:  undergraduate, master’s and doctoral.  

Undergraduate Degree

The undergraduate gerontology programs at Miami equip you to respond to individual, family, community, societal, and global challenges of aging. It is great as a stand-alone degree or paired as a dual major to offer you a competitive edge as you enter the job market. The undergraduate gerontology programs are administered by the Department of Sociology & Gerontology. Please visit the department webpage for more information.

Master of Gerontological Studies

The Master of Gerontological Studies (MGS) degree prepares you for work in a wide variety of aging-related fields. MGS graduates hold jobs in a range of public and private settings as administrators, planners, practitioners, researchers, advocates, and trainers. New job opportunities for well-trained gerontologists are constantly emerging. Many of our graduates go on to pursue doctoral degrees.

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Doctorate in Social Gerontology

Our doctoral program encourages you to integrate knowledge and research methods from a range of behavioral and social sciences in your study of social gerontology. Our program–the first in the state of Ohio, and among the first in the nation–prepares scholars and educators who can meet the challenges, demands, and opportunities presented by global aging. You will be prepared to teach and conduct research in institutions of higher education, and hold positions in policy or service organizations.

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