English Department Celebrates Student Achievements with End-of-Year Ceremony

by Nicole Smith

Patrick Murphy, Associate Chair of English Undergraduate Studies, kicked off the Department of English Awards Ceremony on May 7th, 2015 at 4:30 in the Marcum Center with well-received humor and pictures depicting the witty staff's Scrabble games in the English office.

LuMing Mao, English Department Chair, presented awards to undergraduate and graduate students who made outstanding contributions to the English department in the 2014-2015 year. These awards ranged from recognition of critical essays and creative works to Departmental Honors for research involvement and teaching excellence.

Abuzz with congratulatory chatting, the final English event of the year ended in the only way it could – with cheer, chocolate cigars, and cake.

2014-15 Award Winners
First-Year Composition Awards

English 109 Award: Dongni Huang
Rhetorical Analysis Award: Kelly Paulson
Reflective Narrative Award: Elizabeth Kenagy
Persuasive Research Award: Kenna Koehler
Literary Analysis Award: Emily Yates
Digital/Multimodal Writing Award: Caroline Pepping 
Reflective Portfolio Award: Sarah Becker

The Bookwalter Sophomore Awards in Creative Writing: Desiree Johnson & Haley Hopkins

The Edward J. Montaine Prizes in English
First Place: Lauren Bauman
Second Place: Marissa Lane
Third Place: Andrew Hofmann

The Carl R. Greer / Andrew D. Hepburn Prizes in English
First Place: Samantha Silber
Second Place: Courtney Katzmeyer
Third Place: Victoria Slater
Fourth Place: Vernon E. Williams

The Robert F. Almy Awards in Critical Writing
First Place: Jessie Motts
Second Place: Daniel McClurkin 

The Linguistics Award for Outstanding Performance: Christina Koutroubas

The Mary Jo Priest Awards in Professional Writing
Public Argument: Alison Treen
Rhetorical Analysis: Alison Block
Proposal/Report: Courtney Katzmeyer

The Gordon and Mary Wilson Scholarships
Daniel McClurkin, Taylor McBroom, Cori Mobley, Emily Sharrett, Joe Neidhard, Sara Schindler

The Bill Moeller Scholarship: Kathleen Harris

The Craver-Overton Scholarship: Jessie Motts

The Terry and Chris Baehr Scholarship: Daniel McClurkin

The Robert R. Kettler Memorial Scholarship: Lindsay Crist

Undergraduate Summer Scholars
  • Emily Sharrett: “The Staging of Gender and Race: American Theatre and Culture”
    (Mentor: Kathleen Johnson) 
  • Eric Rubeo: “The Relationship Between the Author and Narrator: A Study in Proximity”
    (Mentor: Margaret Luongo)
  • Matthew Browne: “Regathering the Ghostly Audience of M.R. James”
    (Mentor: Patrick Murphy)
  • Kathleen Harris: “ Reading Myth into Reality and Reality into Myth: The Cast of Titus Andronicus Cope with Violence and Death”
    (Mentor: Kaara Peterson)
Departmental Honors in English 
  • Samantha Coman: “Ophelia and Virginity: an Analysis of Early Modern and Modern Ideas”
    (Mentor: Kaara Peterson)
  • Samantha Edmonds: “Humanity 2.0: Exploring the Human and Posthuman through Dystopian Narrative”
    (Mentor: Jody Bates) 
  • Kelsey Kimbler: “Fewer Equals in Personal Advantages, than in Birth and State’: Revising our Understanding of Queen Mary II”
    (Mentor: Katharine Gillespie)
  • Zachary Maciaszek: “Proto-feminism and the Protoevangelium in the Seventeenth Century: A Contextualized Form of Female Agency”
    (Mentor: Katharine Gillespie)
  • Alex Rice: “Maternal Widows and their Exemplary Deaths in Early Modern Tragedies”
    (Mentor: Kaara Peterson)
  • Sarah Ross: "The Ambivalent Catholic: Aphra Behn's Critique of Stuart Monarchy"
    (Mentor: Katharine Gillespie)
  • Sam Seeds: “Learning to Read Rhetoric from Left to Right: Analyzing the Politically Polarized Rhetoric of Politicians and Supreme Court Justices”
    (Mentor: Neal Schuett)
  • Brian Robben: “Remediation and the Evolution of Sports Journalism: A Historical Study of Yankees World Series Reporting Across Media”
    (Mentor: Jason Palmeri)
The Walter E. Havighurst Prizes
Fiction: Samantha Edmonds
Poetry: Alex Cintron 

Senior Prizes in English

Outstanding Creative Work:
Laura Hower & Nicole Smith

Outstanding Critical Essays:
Hannah Davis & Samantha Edmonds

Phi Beta Kappa English Majors
Elizabeth Cook , Tricia Davis, Tyler Davis, Samantha Edmonds, Alexis Gacey, Amanda Hancock, Caroline Henderson, Erin Jamieson, Zachary Maciaszek, Shannon O’Keefe, Yolanda O’Neill, Heather Rhodus, Alexandra Rice, James Robertson, Brian Robben, Sarah Ross, Samuel Seeds, Amanda Thompson, Andrew Yde

The Academy of American Poets Award: Quinton Couch “Beware Havoc Alda”

Jordan-Goodman Graduate Awards
Creative Nonfiction: Matt Young “Excerpt from After Action”
Fiction: Christopher Maggio “Trivia on Tap”
Poetry: Alison Thompson – poems

Outstanding Graduate Student Awards (Creative Writing)
Outstanding Graduate Student in Prose: Matt Young
Outstanding Graduate Students in Poetry: Emily Corwin & Alison Thompson

National Associated Writing Programs Intro Award: Honorable Mention: Alison Thompson

The Spiro Peterson Award: Dustin Edwards & Winona Landis

The Carolyn Houtchens Award :
Tricia Johnson

Outstanding Teacher Awards: Josh Moats & Beth Saur