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For more information on the history and purpose for the Miami Plan, please consult Miami’s Liberal Education website or the General Bulletin.

In addition to the specialized courses in their majors, all Miami students complete the Miami Plan for Liberal Education. More than job training for a specific career, the Miami Plan includes courses that help you develop mental agility and problem-solving ability to think for yourself and adapt to a changing world. A well-rounded education can help you explore a wide range of subjects and perhaps discover new interests and career possibilities.

Requirements of the Miami Plan

I. Foundation Courses

This requirement is met by taking 36 semester hours of Foundation Courses. These courses, typically taken within the first two years, include the following areas:

  • English Composition (6 hours)
  • Fine arts, Humanities, Social Science (12 hours)
    • Fine arts (3 hours minimum)
    • Humanities (3 hours minimum)
    • Social Sciences (3 hours minimum)
  • Cultures (6 hours)
    • United States Cultures (3 hours minimum)
    • World Cultures (3 hours minimum)
  • Natural Science (9 hours, must include one laboratory course)
    • Biological Science (3 hours minimum)
    • Physical Science (3 hours minimum)
  • Mathematics, Formal Reasoning, Technology (3 hours)

II. Focus

The focus requirement is met by a minimum of nine hours in a Thematic Sequence outside your department of major and a minimum of three hours in a Senior Capstone Experience. Taken in your final year of study, the capstone serves to meld your broad, liberal learning with the specialized knowledge of your major. It could take the form of a workshop, research seminar, individual or group project, or creative work in a studio, laboratory, or field study.

The two parts of the Miami Plan include about 30% of your courses; the remaining 70%, the Field, are courses for your major, divisional requirements, and electives.

Historical (H) Perspective Requirement

All students must take at least one Foundation course that presents a historical perspective (H). Students satisfy this requirement by taking an appropriately designated course in any Foundation area. The same course may meet both a Foundation area requirement and the Historical perspective requirement.

First-Year Seminar Requirement (3 Hours) 

All students must complete a seminar course in their first year. This requirement is met by completing ENG 112 or ENG 113, or a first-year honors seminar, or the Western College Program core curriculum, or other designated first-year seminars. Students can also complete the first-year seminar requirement if they have received credit for English 112 through Advanced Placement or the portfolio credit of the Department of English.