Independent Study

Independent study allows undergraduate students to earn credit for solo academic or experiential learning. The Department of English provides many opportunities for undergraduate students to pursue independent projects with guidance provided by a mentor from the creative writing, professional writing, or literature faculty.

For more information contact Gabriele Bechtel, Chief Department Adviser, in 356H Bachelor Hall.

Associates Program

The Undergraduate Associates Program is administered by the Honors & Scholars Program at Miami University.

The Undergraduate Associates Program gives Miami students an opportunity to explore careers in academia by working closely with a faculty member. Typically, participants in the program work for a semester or a year assisting a faculty member with many of the tasks typically done in academic life (e.g. teaching, grading, attending governance meetings, engaging in research, etc.), but faculty members may also propose other creative ways of fulfilling Undergraduate Associates.


In order to participate in the UA Program, students must be either sophomores, juniors, or seniors and have a cumulative grade point average of 3.2 or higher. Because this is a University Senate mandate, there are no exceptions to the G.P.A. requirement. You do not need to be a member of the University Honors Program to apply. You must also APPLY to the program and have your application approved prior to beginning the associateship.


Applications to the Undergraduate Associates Program are accepted during the first three weeks of each semester. Completed applications should be returned to the Honors & Scholars Program Office in 96 Bishop Hall.

General Guidelines:

  • In discharging their UA duties, students should not have sole responsibility for grading any assignments or instructing a specific class without supervision of the instructor.
  • A minimum of 30 hours of work per semester is expected of any UA.
  • The faculty sponsor and the UA are expected to meet at least once per month.
  • Students may not serve as UAs for courses in which they are currently enrolled.
  • Students may not receive credit for an Undergraduate Associateship for doing work for which they are being paid.

Receiving Credit

All students wishing to receive credit for an Undergraduate Associateship must turn in a final reflection paper to the Honors & Scholars Program Office upon completion of the UA.

Along with this reflection paper, the faculty member should also provide a commentary on the student’s performance.

Among the issues to be discussed in the reflection paper should be:

  • What work was done during the UA, and in what ways did it differ from the original plan?
  • What did the student learn from the experience?
  • How did the experience change the student’s way of thinking?

Students may receive one credit hour for Undergraduate Associate participation through independent study hours in the appropriate department. The final grade will be determined by the instructor on the basis of the student’s work and the quality of the student’s final reflection. University Honors students may receive credit for an Honors Non-Course or category B experience upon completion of the associateship.

The Dean's Scholar Program

Approximately 30 students in the College of Arts and Science are selected in April of their junior year to participate in the Dean’s Scholar program. Applicants must propose a project that they devised and proposed, and that is endorsed by their faculty mentor.  

Dean’s Scholars conduct independent research and are supported by a faculty mentor. Awardee and mentor each receive a $750 professional expense stipend. Scholars typically enroll in ENG 480 (Independent Study for Departmental Honors), thereby earning academic credit for their work on the project.

The Scholar’s research project should culminate in significant work of scholarship, with aim toward national/ international publication/ performance/ dissemination. Unless Scholars present their research at a professional conference, they must present at Miami’s Undergraduate Research Forum held each year in April.

Eligible to apply for the Dean’s Scholar Program are students in their junior year who have exhibited excellence in the classroom and the ability to take on the extra challenges of research and scholarly work. Note that the Humanities Center offers workshops for students interested in building in-depth research knowledge and skills.

Scholars are selected on the basis of proposals that applicants submit by March 20. Note that the Department of English will need to evaluate and rank proposals before they are submitted to the Dean’s Office in early April.

For more information on the program and the application form, please visit the CAS Dean’s Scholar webpage.

Humanities Center Fellowships and Apprenticeships

The Geoffrion Family Student Fellowships are available to Miami students who seek an opportunity to explore collaborative, interdisciplinary scholarship in the humanities. Applications are due March 3, 2019.

Apprenticeships are also available through the Humanities Center each year. They offer opportunities to work one-on-one with faculty on collaborative research.

The Humanities Summer Research Institute brings together a senior professor and up to 12 undergraduate researchers for collaboration, feedback, workshopping, and camaraderie ensure that students are making progress on the plans faculty supervisors have developed for their research. This year's workshop will begin in May 2019. Applications are open now.


Students enrolled in the department’s various program can earn academic credit for internships. Students applying for internship credit through the English Department must be in good academic standing and must have earned 30 semester hours credit at Miami (i.e., sophomore standing) before they begin the internship. No more than 20 hours of internship credit may be applied toward a baccalaureate degree.

During the semester or summer term in which the internship is completed, journalism students must enroll in English 419, Journalism Internship (3 of 6 credit hours); other students must enroll in English 340, Internship (1-20 credit hours). An internship will normally be assigned a letter grade, whether or not the intern is paid a salary during the internship; however, students other than Journalism students may opt to register on a credit/no credit basis.

See Gabriele Bechtel, Chief Department Adviser in 356H Bachelor Hall for more information about the department’s internship policies, as well as for copies of the form necessary to register.

Undergraduate Summer Scholars Program

The Undergraduate Summer Scholars program enables Miami undergraduates to do a scholarly research or creative project in the summer under the supervision of a faculty mentor. To be eligible, students must have completed their sophomore year (60 credit hours minimum) and must plan to enroll for at least one additional semester after the summer in which they are Scholars.

The program requires nine weeks of intensive summer study on a project devised by the student and supervised by a faculty mentor. Recipients enroll in ENG 340U for six credit hours, receive a stipend, and an allowance to be used in support of the project.

Students interested in the program are advised to find a research project matching both their own as well as their mentor’s scholarly interests. Recipients are chosen competitively on the basis of proposals submitted to the department on or before February 1st.

Application forms are available through the Office of Undergraduate Research at

For more detailed information on program, guidelines, eligibility, and an overall timeline of the application process, please visit the Office for Undergraduate Research website.