Academic Advising

Academic Advising helps students make meaningful, informed choices as they complete their academic work and explore professional opportunities and possible career paths. Academic Advising is offered on the program, departmental, and divisional level.

Your Advisor in the major

Your faculty advisor is an expert in the field you have chosen to study and should be your point person for questions related to the academic program you are majoring in (Creative Writing, Linguistics, Literature, or Professional Writing). Faculty advisors help with semester scheduling and long-term course planning related to your interests and plans for the major and possibly beyond. They can also refer you to other resources available on campus.

  • Who is my Advisor?
    You can find out who your advisor is by clicking on the "Student" button in the top menu of your MyMiami page.

  • When should I meet with my Advisor?
    Any time is a good time to talk to an advisor, especially if you have questions that need immediate attention. The bulk of the advising work happens in the weeks and days leading up to spring or fall course registration. Scheduling a timely appointment or using your advisor’s regular office hours can help keep stress levels at a minimum. The Department’s Main Office in BAC 356 can help with room numbers and office hour information. 

  • What can I expect?
    In short, expect a friendly conversation about your academic plans and goals for the major, and possibly beyond. This is all about you, so bring a list of questions or ideas to discuss, and, if registration is near, a list of potential classes (including back-ups) you may take the following semester.

Office of the Chief Departmental Advisor (CDA)

For a number of administrative issues, your faculty advisor may refer you on to the CDA’s office located in BAC 356H. Contact the Chief Departmental Advisor’s office for questions related to:  

  • General information on all programs (majors or minors) in English
  • Multiple majors/minors in English
  • Declaring or changing a major or minor in English
  • DARS issues and adjustment requests
  • Making graduate level courses count in a major      
  • Senior and general progress checks
  • English course transfer and study abroad pre-approval
  • Issues with meeting programmatic and/or GPA requirements

In Spring 2020, Dr. Gabriele Bechtel (CDA) and Jeff Carr are available during the following hours: 

  • Monday: 1-4PM (Jeff, BAC 352)
  • Tuesday: 9AM-12PM (Gabriele, BAC 356H); 12PM-4PM (Jeff, BAC 352)
  • Wednesday: 12PM-3PM (Jeff, BAC 352)
  • Thursday: 9AM-12PM (Gabriele, BAC 356H)
  • Friday: 9AM-11AM (Gabriele, BAC 356H)

College of Arts and Science (CAS) Academic Advising Office

Contact the CAS Academic Advising and University Studies Office in Upham 146 for inquiries related to

  • Global Miami Plan and CAS requirements that are not related to coursework in ENG
  • AP, transfer, and other course credit you bring to Miami
  • Full progress and graduation checks
  • What-if DAR and calendar year change
  • Requests to increase the per semester credit hour limit  
  • Global Miami Plan Petitions

Registration 101

Know the dates and deadlines

Know about course offerings and prerequisites

  • Miami Course List: This list contains all course offerings and prerequisites as well as access to the ROR system for force-adding requests. 

Know about Academic Advising and who your advisor is (see Academic Advising tab above).

Know the requirements for your academic program   

Know when you register and whether you are cleared for registration

To get to your registration status and window

  1. Log on to myMiami and click the link to BannerWeb
  2. Select "Student Services and Financial Aid"
  3. Select "Registration
  4. Select "Check your Registration Status and Your Registration Dates and Times" to view your registration time, as well as any registration holds that may be on your record

If there is a hold on your account, call or visit the Registrar's One Stop Office.

Know how to make a force-add request through ROR (Registration Override Request)

The ROR system is in place for all 300 (for ENG 313 use Banner Waitlist)) and 400 level courses in as well as a number of 200 level courses in ENG. To make an ROR request

  1. Go to the Miami Course List
  2. Log on to your account
  3. Select "Registration Override Request"
  4. If there are multiple sections, rank them in order of preference
  5. Provide a reason for the request.
  6. Submit the request.

You will receive an email confirmation and receive further notifications whenever actions are taken on your request. Seats will be assigned according to priority.

Finally…. starting the process early helps keep stress levels down during registration

  • Be on top of things: learn as much as you can about your academic requirements and the registration process. Departmental websites, One Stop, and Liberal Education’s Miami Plan can help. 
  • Prepare a list of courses early and include back-up options; be flexible with course times and days.
  • Meet with your faculty advisor early, especially if you have questions or are not sure which route to take in your program.
  • Know and use your assigned registration window.
  • Use ROR, if available, for force-add requests; if there is a pressing need, provide a detailed explanation.   
  • Know that course seats may open in the weeks following the initial registration process as students tweak their schedules and keep an eye on the course listings.

Career Advising

The Center for Career Exploration and Success in Armstrong offers comprehensive information and advising related to career options, internship and job search, and a step-by-step career planning program. In addition, workshops on resume writing, interviewing, creating social media profiles, and much more are offered year-round.

The Center for Career Exploration also provides information for students interested in continuing their education on the graduate level.

We recommend all students to sign up for the recruiting tool Handshake as well as the Cerkl newsletter early on. We also recommend students talk to a career advisor early in their academic career.

Steps to sign up for personalized Cerkl newsletter:
  1. Visit
  2. Enter your school email and select "Forgot your password?"
  3. Follow instructions to activate your account
  4. Press the top right-hand corner, and select "My Settings" to customize your newsletter preferences.

One Stop: The Registrar's Webportal

The registrar’s One Stop Website answers many FAQs related to financial matters and course registration. Contact the registrar’s One Stop office immediately if you have

  • a hold on your account
  • problems with financial aid
  • technical issues during course registration