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Take Your Education Abroad

We are proud to consistently rank among the top universities in the nation for the number of students studying abroad. More than 2,000 students earn academic credit through travel programs annually, both domestically and abroad. No matter your major, you will find an opportunity to get to where you want to be.

Choose where you want to go

  • Study at our Luxembourg campus, the Miami University Dolibois European Center.
  • Pick from our list of faculty-led and credit workshops.
  • See our winter term, summer term, and spring-break opportunities.
  • Register for exchange programs that offer direct enrollment in hundreds of foreign universities.
  • Enroll in a semester, full year, or summer study program sponsored by another U.S. university or provider.

Live Overseas: Earn Academic Credit and So Much More

Our programs allow you to earn academic credit to stay on track for graduation. Additionally, you will:

  • Meet people from around the world - 

    Consider a program that branches out from the Miami community and allows you to be in classes with students from all over the US as well as locals and international students!

  • Learn a Language - 

    Look for programs that offer plenty of courses in your target language. Additionally, programs that allow students to live with a host family are great for language acquisition.

  • Boost your resume - 

    Consider participating in an international internship! This could be a remote internship or part of a study abroad experience. These programs offer opportunities to network with international professionals and develop crucial intercultural development skills that employers are looking for.

  • Push your comfort zone - 

    Everyone’s comfort zone is different. Some programs offer the comfort of traveling with other Miami students, while other programs allow you to meet students from all over the world. Some program locations offer familiarity while others take students off the beaten path. Be sure to understand your personal comfort zone and consider the balance that will work best for you.

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What to Know Before You Get Started

  • If a Miami program doesn't fit your needs, there are many programs sponsored by other universities or providers through which you can earn transfer credit.
  • Stay on track for your degree by pre-registering your next semester's courses from your travel location.
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Study Internationally for About the Same Cost

  • Enroll in one of our programs, knowing tuition and fees at the Dolibois European Center or on exchange programs are the same as those for the Oxford campus.
  • You can use Federal financial aid for international study. Applying for special scholarships and loans that you qualify for can also help with program expenses.

Connect to Support

Explore Programs

From exchange programs to internships, discover which education abroad programs best match your interests.

Schedule Advising

Start planning your education abroad experience by attending a group advising session or meeting with an advisor one-on-one.

See Parent Resources

Learn how you can best support your student as they embark on a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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If you or someone you know is experiencing an emergency abroad, please contact MUPD at 513-529-2222.

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