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Unlock a world of opportunities with an Education Abroad program and embrace the chance to elevate your personal growth, enrich your Miami education, and distinguish yourself in your career.

1. Get to Know Education Abroad

The best study abroad program for you depends on your goals and interests! Review these examples of study abroad goals and consider the program suggestions and tips for the goals that resonate with you.

What is Education Abroad?

What are the program options?

2. Set Goals

The best study abroad program for you depends on your goals and interests! Review these examples of study abroad goals and consider the program suggestions and tips for the goals that resonate with you.

Meet people from around the world

Program Suggestions

Consider a program that branches out from the Miami community and allows you to be in classes with students from all over the US as well as locals and international students!


  • Join clubs and organizations
  • Attend cultural events
  • Live with a host family

Learn a Language

Program Suggestions

Look for programs that offer plenty of courses in your target language. Additionally, programs that allow students to live with a host family are great for language acquisition.


  • Join clubs and organizations
  • Participate in a language exchange with local students
  • Live with a host family

Boost Your Resume

Program Suggestions

Consider participating in an international internship! This could be a remote internship or part of a study abroad experience. These programs offer opportunities to network with international professionals and develop crucial intercultural development skills that employers are looking for.


  • Consider how your experience impacts your career goals
  • Set up informal coffee meetings with international professionals
  • Learn how to articulate your experience on a resume or during interviews

Earn Academic Credit

Program Suggestions

Talk with your academic advisor about which courses to look for abroad. Many programs listed as “direct enroll” or “liberal arts” are open to all majors and offer a variety of courses to fulfill Miami Plan or major requirements. Other programs are more major-specific and can offer more advanced courses in your major.


  • Talk with your academic advisor about which courses to look for abroad
  • Think about your interests and consider how studying abroad can be an opportunity to study something that you wouldn’t normally be able to on Miami’s campus

Push Your Comfort Zone

Program Suggestions

Everyone’s comfort zone is different. Some programs offer the comfort of traveling with other Miami students, while other programs allow you to meet students from all over the world. Some program locations offer familiarity while others take students off the beaten path. Be sure to understand your personal comfort zone and consider the balance that will work best for you.


  • Stay with a host family
  • Find opportunities to speak with locals
  • Try new foods
  • Study something different

3. Meet with an Academic Advisor

Understand how studying abroad will fit into your academic plan by meeting with your academic advisor.

Questions for your Academic Advisor

  1. What are my remaining graduation requirements?
  2. Which requirements should I try to fulfill through studying abroad?
  3. Which would be the best term to study abroad based on my remaining requirements?

Meet with an Advisor

4. Make Cost-Effective Choices

Understanding your the cost of studying abroad will help you find the right program to fit your needs.

Tips for an Affordable Education Abroad

Get off the beaten path

Look for programs in countries with a lower cost of living. Additionally, some scholarships prioritize students who choose to study abroad in non-traditional locations.

Choose a semester program

It may seem counter-intuitive, but a semester program is often more cost-effective than short-term programs. For example, you are probably already budgeting for one or more semesters on campus, but not necessarily for the winter and summer terms. On semester programs that charge Miami tuition, you can also leverage more of your Miami scholarships and financial aid.

Review all program options

If you are an in-state student or receive significant scholarship funding from Miami, consider programs that charge Miami tuition, such as Luxembourg, Co-Sponsored, and Exchange. If you are an out-of-state student or do not receive many scholarships from Miami, consider participating in an Approved non-Miami program that does not bill Miami tuition.

Start researching scholarships early

Deadlines for some national scholarships can be 6-12 months prior to the departure date of your program. Be sure to plan ahead and meet with an Education Abroad Advisor to discuss scholarship opportunities.

Know your resources

  • Education Abroad Advisors can review the cost of studying abroad with you and advise on study abroad scholarships.
  • Financial Aid Advisors can confirm your financial aid package and advise on how you can use it to study abroad.
  • Consider other resources you have on campus such as the Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion, Academic Departments, and the Center for Career Exploration and Success.

6. Attend a Miami Abroad 101 Session

Miami Abroad 101 is offered every Tuesday at 4PM that classes are in session. After attending Miami Abroad 101, call the Education Abroad Office to make an appointment with an Education Abroad staff member.

Meet with an Education Abroad Advisor

7. Apply

  • Search for your study abroad program and apply through Miami’s Education Abroad portal.
  • If you are applying to a Co-Sponsored or Approved program, you must apply directly through the program provider as well as through Miami.
  • Eligibility and application requirements vary for each program.
  • Application deadlines vary and can be up to a year in advance of the program.

Education Abroad

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If you or someone you know is experiencing an emergency abroad, please contact MUPD at 513-529-2222.

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