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Female student sitting on a bench in the hallway of Shriver near the rinella center, working on a laptop Female student sitting on a bench in the hallway of Shriver near the rinella center, working on a laptop
We are here for you, and together we will persist and thrive.
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We stand in solidarity against racism and violence.  Black Lives Matter.

Meet the Access Fellows

Jessica L'Heureux

Meet Jessica L'Heureux

“Access Fellows is actually how I got my job at Rinella! It’s worked out really well. I don’t think I would have had this opportunity, or even known about it, without Access Fellows.”

“Working at Rinella has been one of my biggest accomplishments. It’s not always easy to find a job on campus! It’s been great because of how much I enjoy working with students.”

Julia Snodgrass

Meet Julia Snodgrass

“I studied abroad all last academic year in Japan! I knew I wanted to study abroad there since Freshman Year, and I was actually able to accomplish it!”

Access Fellows made it a lot easier to pay for studying abroad. I was able to transfer a lot of my scholarships, because it was an exchange program.”

Warren Reynolds

Meet Warren Reynolds

“During my freshman year, I worked with America Reads/America Counts in Middletown and Hamilton. I tutored kids in reading and math. Without Access Fellows, I wouldn’t have known the opportunity existed.”

“Tutoring made me realize that it’s not really up to kids where they go to school or what kind of education they get – a lot of that is due to social factors. I realized I was pretty lucky, being able to get where I am. It made me want to continue my education in graduate school.”

Jourdan Greenlee

Meet Jourdan Greenlee

“I have developed a newfound passion for empowering women and helping them reach great health and wellness. I will accomplish this by acquiring a Master’s degree in Nursing to obtain a career in both obstetrics and gynecology.”

“Miami made it easier to form leadership roles and open myself up to new opportunities.”

Rachel Zimmerman

Meet Rachel Zimmerman

“I’ve been involved with the Access Fellows Council all four years. It’s been cool to see how it evolved, and I’m proud of how far we’ve come. We hold so many events now – we’re able to build a sense of community within Access Fellows.”

“The staff at Rinella Learning Center has been very flexible and caring. Being in this environment is always helpful. I’m plugged in and constantly around helpful resources.”

Davaughn Golden

Meet DaVaughn Golden

“I’m a member of the Black Student Action Association, which hosts community and social events. I’m also the Vice President of the Black President’s Caucus, which collaborates with other diverse organizations. We also work with ODA for Black History Month events.”

Access Fellows really helped out freshman year, and I would encourage anyone who is an Access Fellow: look into what they do and what resources they offer.”

“I’m proud to be a first-generation student! Everybody wasn’t dealt the same hand, but it’s how you use it that counts.”

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