Students interested in doing an internship (for credit or not for credit) should click the tabs below and read about their options and the application/documentation process.  

Be sure to consult Miami University’s Internship Policy before you start making plans.  

Important: If you have secured an internship and consider obtaining credit for it during the upcoming semester, please contact the departmental internship coordinator, Dr. Gabriele Bechtel, at to discuss your plans. 

To apply for an Internship course (ENG 340) students are required to use Handshake. 

Co-curricular internship course - ENG 340

ENG 340 and how it may count on your DAR

All ENG 340 Internship courses are co-curricular, meaning programs in English do not require students to take an internship course, but if taken, the course may count towards the following requirements:

  • Miami Plan Experiential Learning Requirement (zero-credit option is possible here)
  • Overall credit hour count needed to graduate (unless taken for zero credit, c/nc possible)
  • Professional Writing: track or free elective (requires letter grade, 3 credit hours max)
  • Creative Writing: elective (requires letter grade, 3 credit hours max)

Note: ENG 340 Internship courses must be taken in an area of work that is related to a student’s field of study or professional interests/ goals.

Who is eligible to take ENG 340?

To be eligible students must: 
  • be fully enrolled at Miami University and major in Creative Writing, Linguistics, Literature, or Professional Writing
  • maintain a continued record of good academic standing and a clean disciplinary record
  • have completed at least two full semesters (with 24 credit hours minimum) at Miami
  • earned 12 or more credit hours at Miami, if a transfer student

What are the requirements to receive credit for ENG 340?

To obtain credit for ENG 340 Internship, the student must:
  1. commit a certain number of hours to the internship (see below), and
  2. keep a log of activities/jobs and submit a series of short reports; complete and submit a final report in which they document and reflect on their learning experience. 

All parts of the internship need to be fulfilled before a passing grade can be assigned.

The number of credit hours given depends on the time the student commits to the internship:

  • 0 credits = less than 37.5 work hours
  • 1 credit = 37.5 total work hours
  • 2 credits = 75 total work hours
  • 3 credits = 112.5 total work hours

As a rule, students can earn no more than six credit hours in Internship/Independent study work per semester and no more than ten per year. 

Internship courses may be taken on a credit/ no credit basis. However, in order to count towards a major or minor they need to be taken for a letter grade.  

Applying for ENG 340 retroactively (using work done in past terms) is not permitted.

Be sure to consult Miami’s Internship Policy for a comprehensive overview, including student and employer responsibilities during internships.

How to apply for ENG 340 through Handshake

All ENG 340 internship applications are submitted and processed electronically via Handshake. Students are advised to plan ahead as applications will require approved learning objectives signed by the student, the advising faculty member, and the internship site supervisor prior to registration.

For ENG 340, the regular registration schedule and course add/ drop deadlines apply: last add day for Full Term: first Friday of the semester; last add day for a Sprint Course: Wednesday, 9th week of the semester.

If you have secured an internship and consider obtaining credit, contact Internship Coordinator Dr. Gabriele Bechtel at to discuss your plans.

To submit your documentation request and apply for ENG 340 Internship: sign in to Handshake (requires university single sign on), select your experience type and complete the form.

Be prepared with the following information:
    • Employer (defined as a sponsor, organization, government entity, agency, company, professional service firm, non-profit association, small business, start-up, etc.)
    • Location and Industry
    • Phone number and email address
    • Internship job title, Department
    • Start/End date
    • Employment type (Seasonal - available for only a portion of the year – Full Time - at least 30 hours per week / Part Time - under 30 hours per week)
    • Salary (if unpaid, enter “unpaid”)
    • Offer date
    • Site Supervisor's name, title, phone number, email
    • Other compensation
    • Approximate number of hours you will work each week
    • Scheduled hours
    • Where the internship will be conducted (onsite, virtually, or both)
    • Job description
  • At least three learning objectives 
  • If documenting a co-curricular experience, the number of credit hours you are requesting:
    Zero credit = less than 37.5 work hours
    1 credit = 37.5 total work hours; 2 credits = 75 total work hours; 3 credits = 112.5 total work hours; 4 credits = 150 total work hours; 5 credits = 187.5 total work hours; 6 credits = 225 total work hours

Reporting extracurricular internships 

Even if you don’t plan to enroll in ENG 340 Internship or if your internship is unrelated to your major(s) and professional plans, we strongly recommend you request for your experience to be documented via Handshake before you start work. 

To request for your extracurricular internship experience to be documented: