Michael Hicks

Dr. Michael HicksAssistant Professor

Philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, history of analytic philosophy

Ph.D., M.A. Johns Hopkins University 
B.A., B.S. University of Pittsburgh

I do philosophy of language in the analytic tradition.  I am primarily concerned with the relationship between language and thought.  I am also interested in a variety of questions surrounding skepticism and the relationship between philosophy and science.  In addition to teaching widely in analytic philosophy, I teach logic.

Recent Publications include:

  • "Pretense and Fiction-Directed Thought", forthcoming in Philosophical Studies
  • "Non-Evidential Reasons to Believe" (with Jonathan Adler), The Aim of Belief, ed. Timothy Chan (Oxford: Oxford University Press), 2013: 140-166
  • "A Note on Fiction and Co-Reference", Philosophical Studies, 149, July 2010: 395--400
  • "Naturalism in Action", Inquiry, 52, December 2009:  609--635

Email: hicksmr2@miamioh.edu

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