Applying to Graduate School

Preparing for graduate school

If you are thinking about applying to graduate school, you will need to start preparing early. Below are some resources to help get you started.

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Video: How to prepare for graduate school

Annika Goldman, a Miami Psychology graduate student, has great advice on activities for undergraduates considering attending graduate school.

Applying to graduate school

Graduate school applications typically require 1) an official transcript from your undergraduate institution, 2) a personal statement, 3) letters of recommendation, and 4) GRE scores.

Read more about the GRE (what is it? when should I take it? how do I prepare?)

Video: Application process for graduate school in Psychology

JJ Togans, a Miami Psychology graduate student, breaks down some tips for navigating through graduate school application season.

  • Identifying Programs & Advisors (0:57)
  • Letters of Recommendation (5:13)
  • GRE (6:51)
  • Personal Statements (7:51)

Video: Choosing a graduate program in clinical psychology

Annika Goldman, a Miami Psychology graduate student, talks about how to choose the right Clinical Psychology program.