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 Dr. Quinn teaching a student
 Student presenting a poster
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 Student examining slide in lab

Neuroscience is a rapidly advancing, interdisciplinary field with relevance to all aspects of our everyday lives. As a highly interdisciplinary field, neuroscience requires an in-depth study of the nervous system at multiple levels of analysis—including molecular, genetic, cellular, and systems levels.

Neuroscience Co-major

The interdepartmental Neuroscience Co-major offers students the opportunity to pursue an in-depth exploration of:

  • biology of individual nerve cells
  • organization of nerve cells into a functional nervous system
  • role of the nervous system in behavior and cognition

Students in the co-major must also be enrolled in, and complete, a primary major; the co-major cannot be taken as a stand-alone major.

Neuroscience Minor

Students may also pursue a minor in Neuroscience. Miami does not offer a minor in Psychology, but instead offers a thematic sequence in Psychology.

Program Advisors

Dr. Jennifer Quinn, Psychology (

Dr. Kathy Killian, Biology (

Please contact a program advisor to declare a co-major or minor in Neuroscience.