Katie Sanderson (Class of 2022)

photo of Katie Sanderson

  • sophomore major in Psychology, with a Food Systems & Food Studies co-major
  • minor in Nutrition
  • from Perrysburg, OH
  • added new Food Systems & Food Studies co-major
  • member of student a cappella group, the Miami University Treblemakers
"My biggest piece of advice would be to really look into yourself before you choose your major. Follow what your heart is truly set on, even if it's something out of the ordinary. If you believe a certain major is going to fit into your life, follow that no matter what other people are telling you."

Why Miami?

"During my senior year of high school, I came to Make it Miami and was very impressed. I fell in love with the Oxford campus and left with a feeling of belonging. Once I found out more about all of the extraordinary opportunities Miami had to offer, I knew I wanted to be a Miami student. Although Miami wasn't originally my first choice, attending this school has been the best decision I've ever made.

"I came to Miami thinking I was going to be an integrated language arts education major. In my summers, I work at a recreation program with children, ages 3-12. In the back of my mind, I have always thought I wanted to be a teacher. During my first semester, I became really interested in mental health, fitness, nutrition, and wellness, so I switched my major to psychology and have now recently added the new food systems & food studies co-major, which is offered by the Institute for the Environment & Sustainability. My goal is to become a holistic health psychologist so that I can teach others about health and wellness, mixing my passions for both teaching and health."

Best Miami Experiences

"During the spring semester of my freshman year, I took the course MBI 111, Microorganisms and Human Disease, with associate teaching professor of biology Kelly Abshire. This was the class that made me fall in love with science. In high school, I never cared for science at all, but seeing it align with my interests in health really got me interested in the subject.

"Another faculty member that has been very helpful while I've been at Miami is Nancy Parkinson in the College of Education, Health & Society's Department of Kinesiology and Health. Obviously, I have gone through a lot of switching and questioning of my majors, and Nancy has been so helpful as I navigate all of these transitions. The Miami community is very supportive and the help Nancy offered me really proved that.

"One of my favorite things I have done on-campus has been my involvement in the a cappella group, the Miami University Treblemakers. I have always been involved in music and theater since the age of two, whether it be singing, acting, or performing, so finding Treblemakers has been a life-changing opportunity that has given me the ability to sing all over campus and perform in concerts."

Miami and the Liberal Arts

Miami University Treblemakers

"I feel as though the liberal arts curriculum at Miami has provided me with a lot of valuable background knowledge and the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone. I signed up for a classical mythology course, which is something I never thought I would take. I ended up loving it and now I can tell you everything you need to know about gods and goddesses! Experiences like these offered at Miami are important in making you a more well-rounded person and being more knowledgeable.

"All of my studies are preparing me for my future goal of getting my doctorate in psychology. My psychology major obviously gives me the necessary knowledge for that, while my co-major and minor give me the connection to food and nutrition that is really important to me. This combination of studies has assisted me in following my passion for how food and wellness connect to the mind and body.

"I have learned a lot from my different areas of study. Nutrition has definitely taught me the importance of looking at multiple viewpoints. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn't mean they are right or wrong, and it's important to have your own informed opinion. Meanwhile, my psychology classes have shown me the value of helping people and the importance of empathy."

Loving Life and Finding Balance through Treblemakers

"The way we learn music in my a cappella group, Treblemakers, requires a tremendous work ethic. Taking that work ethic from the group to my academics has helped me greatly. I know that I won't get better at a skill if I don't practice, and that carries itself through from my music rehearsals to my studies.

"Miami Treblemakers has been a great stress reliever for me, not only because I love to sing, but because the people I have met through the group have all become my best friends. These women are my support system, and the group has taught me the value of balancing social interactions with academics. I believe that life is all about communication and interactions, and college is just as much about academics as it is developing important relationships that you can trust."

Advice to Students

"My biggest piece of advice would be to really look into yourself before you choose your major. Follow what your heart is truly set on, even if it's something out of the ordinary. If you believe a certain major is going to fit into your life, follow that no matter what other people are telling you. In addition to that, I think it's important to come in with an open mind and to interact with others in order to make connections!

"The food systems & food studies co-major is very new and is trying to go towards a more holistic, naturopathic route. If you are interested in the holistic, natural type of medicine, it would be a great addition to your primary major. It also shares a lot of content with the nutrition program, so if you want to learn more about nutrition but don't have the time for that major or minor, food studies provides you with a deep understanding of the content. The co-major provides an abundance of related internships and opportunities, which makes it an interesting and quickly expanding program."

[September 2019]