Katie Lehmann

photo of Katie Lehmann

  • BS in Geology (2012)
  • MS in Geology (Colorado School of Mines, 2015)
  • petroleum geologist at Chevron Corporation
  • has studied geology on field trips all over the United States
  • worked at Kofenya Coffee for a year as a Miami undergrad

My Profession

"I work as a petroleum geologist for Chevron on their Gulf of Mexico exploration team. My job entails the processing and interpretation of seismic and well data in order to identify potential petroleum accumulations in the subsurface. My education and research experience at Miami and in my graduate studies provided me with the key technical and analytical skills required to do my job successfully.

"From a young age, my parents and my family always encouraged me to pursue my passions. At Miami, I learned from extraordinary professors and mentors, and they instilled in me a desire to work hard and push myself to reach my goals. I also learned that the Miami network is extensive, which one of my professors utilized to help me land my first job. Perhaps the most important thing I've learned is that I cannot and need not make it on my own: if you're willing to ask for help, your Miami professors and the alumni around the world will be happy to help you succeed.

"Having spent a few years in Colorado (for my first job and graduate school), I've become addicted to the mountain life. However, many of the opportunities in oil and gas are in Texas, which is where I am today. I would love to pursue a career in oil and gas in the Rocky Mountain region, and I may also eventually pursue teaching opportunities."

Best Miami Experiences

"I've always been drawn to science, so it wasn't surprising that I ended up in the College of Arts and Science. I took my first geology class my sophomore year and was amazed by the passion with which my professors taught. I loved that geology integrated many different sciences, including chemistry, biology, and physics.

"Perhaps the most incredible part of being a geologist is getting to study fascinating science in some of the most breathtaking places on earth. Since becoming a geology major my sophomore year, I've hiked in the Rocky Mountains, studied in ancient deserts in Utah, and collected 400-million-year-old fossils in Oxford, Ohio. I've floated down rivers flanked by gorgeous canyon walls in Arizona, camped out amongst volcanoes in Idaho, and observed pristine geologic features along the beaches of California.

"On all these adventures, I've had the privilege of learning from incredible professors, who were always invested in my intellectual and personal development."

Miami and the Liberal Arts

"The greatest benefit of a liberal arts education is the ability to take classes in a wide range of diverse subjects. As someone who is passionate about learning and enjoys studying many different topics, the liberal arts program at Miami allowed me the flexibility to explore several different potential majors and minors. Unsurprisingly, I ended up declaring a science major, but without a doubt my perspective was greatly broadened through my Miami Plan classes.

"There are numerous career paths for a geology major upon graduation. From my experience, most career paths do require a graduate degree, so as an undergraduate it is important to maintain good grades and thoughtfully consider graduate programs. Geology majors can pursue careers in fields such as environmental science, hydrology, academia, and geotechnical engineering. Additionally, geologists play an important and exciting role in the petroleum and mining industries, to which I can personally attest."

Advice to Students

"Since graduating from Miami, I've come to appreciate how important it is to invest in the people around you. My connections at Miami, whether my professors, friends, or fellow alumni, have helped me get to where I am today. Never burn bridges, and always remember to thank those who help you in your journey. The most successful and likable people I've encountered are those who value the input of others and recognize, both publicly and privately, those who've helped them achieve their success.

"Finally, remember to 'pay it forward' by helping those who ask for it, and always be sure to give back to the people and institutions who have supported you along the way!"

[March 2018]